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Zelda YouTuber continues to be targeted by Nintendo


Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Nintendo continues to copyright claim YouTuber PointCrow’s videos seemingly because of a mod he recently released.

In the wake of a The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer’s release, Nintendo has been issuing a lot more copyright claims on content creator videos, including videos from YouTuber PointCrow. PointCrow recently released a multiplayer mod for Breath of the Wild after which Nintendo had a number of his Breath of the Wild videos taken down, and now, Nintendo has issued dozens of more copyright claims against the YouTuber for even videos that don’t relate to modding Breath of the Wild at all.

Naturally, considering PointCrow makes videos about modding Nintendo games, well, Nintendo does more or less have the right to have those videos taken down, and Nintendo does have a long, long history of being unfriendly to its community when it comes to legal action and copyright claims, but it’s still tough to see this as anything but retaliatory. Nintendo is now, for example, taking down PointCrow videos about modding Wii Sports that are multiple years old. As of now, Nintendo has claimed over 55 million views worth of content from PointCrow.

Plus, not even all of the videos Nintendo has claimed even involve modding with at least one video that was claimed reportedly containing only stock gameplay with commentary over it. Put simply, Nintendo seems to not like PointCrow’s recently released multiplayer mod for Breath of the Wild, and these recent copyright claims seem to be the company’s way of striking back at PointCrow and trying to cut down on the reach of his channel.

PointCrow has had the following to say about the situation, “To be clear I have never encouraged piracy of Nintendo’s games,” continuing, “The mods I’ve commissioned are not being sold, and all of the code is custom, meaning they are free of Nintendo’s assets.” Nonetheless, modding, even in general, is something Nintendo does not approve of, so it seems like even if PointCrow isn’t necessarily breaking a law or a particular rule, Nintendo would rather exercise its copyright-striking power and simply have his content taken down anyways.

As of now, PointCrow is considering whether or not to appeal the claims considering the time and expense it may well take to do that. For now, it seems all we can do is hope for the best for this content creator.


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