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You won’t believe how cheap the iPhone 11 is right now


An iPhone that still offers great performance and an evergreen design, the iPhone 11 is now availble on a very affordable offer with 25GB of data.

Whether as a second phone or something to give to the kids, you can now pick up a refurbished iPhone 11 with a solid 25GB of data for just £19.99 a month and £19.99 to pay upfront.

Yes, there are more recent models but the iPhone 11 still holds up today, and was a huge step forward from its predecessors, something that can’t be said for all of Apple’s most recent entries. Plus, if you’ve been eyeing the iPhone SE then you might be better off with this as it boasts two rear-facing cameras and a better screen.

iPhone 11 with 25GB of data

iPhone 11 with 25GB of data

Still an excellent phone, with the latest Apple software, the iPhone 11 is now incredibly affordable thanks to this offer.

  • £19.99 upfront
  • £19.99/month

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First off, don’t worry about software updates – it’s still being supported, and should be for another couple of years at least. It may lack some of the modern features found on the iPhone 14 range, but the things that make iOS great are all there. A slick UI, iMessage, the excellent built-in apps such as Photos and Apple Pay, complete integration with AirPods, Apple Watch and more.

The thing that impressed us the most when the iPhone 11 launched was the leap in camera quality Apple had provided – the 12-megapixel main sensor and ultrawide duo are still very well-performing, and this phone can record in 4K at 60fps, which is still a high standard to this day. Add to this the newest iOS updates and you’re looking at one of the most feature packed phones at this price point.

The slender build of the 11, with its smoother edges, will no doubt be more appealing to some than the more recent flat-edged and angled look that Apple has favoured recently, so take that into consideration along with the incredibly cheap price. If you need an iPhone that doesn’t break the bank then you’ll be hard pushed to find a better option than this.


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