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Xangle and Republic Crypto Collaborate to Boost Web3 Adoption in Korea


Xangle, a prominent web3 data and intelligence platform located in South Korea, has forged a strategic agreement with Republic Crypto, a leading US-based advisory organization that assists global firms in effortlessly entering the web3 arena.

So far, Xangle has mostly concentrated on providing Korean businesses with web3 data, intelligence, and advisory services, equipping them with the necessary tools and information to make wise choices about their web3 strategy and how to apply it to their business models. Through this strategic relationship, Republic Crypto’s recognized expertise in web3 execution is now available to Xangle customers, giving them access to a broad toolbox that includes setting up blockchain infrastructure, managing digital assets, tokenomics design, and more.

“The partnership with Republic Crypto marks a significant milestone for the web3 industry in Asia,” stated James Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Xangle. “Enterprises in Korea now have access to comprehensive strategic and seamless implementation support for their blockchain initiatives. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of onboarding the next wave of mainstream web3 adoption, leveraging the exciting technologies that have matured in recent years.”

“We are excited to work alongside Xangle in expanding our advisory presence in Asia and driving web3 adoption,” said Bryan Myint, Co-Founder and Head of Republic Crypto’s web3 advisory division. “Asia is positioning itself as a hub for the future wave of web3 innovation and adoption, and our aim is to support any company looking to dive into this exciting new phase of the economy.”

With this strategic alliance, Xangle and Republic Crypto are better positioned to support businesses as they adopt web3 technologies and seize opportunities in the rapidly changing digital and financial world. Utilizing the combined knowledge and committed assistance of both organizations, they allow enterprises in Korea and other Asian technology centers to grow into the decentralized frontier. With the help of this collaboration, businesses can successfully traverse the web3 space and realize the full potential of a future that is becoming more decentralized.


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