Since a waterlogged corpse floated in during the first episode of The White Lotus season 2, fans have been following along to see if they can spot a goner among the show’s core cast of vacationers. After episode 6, things are looking increasingly worse for Tanya, the rich, fabulous and self-centered White Lotus vet played by Jennifer Coolidge.

In the episode, which debuted Sunday, Tanya parties in Palermo with Quentin (Tom Hollander), an English expat who befriended her after her husband Greg (Jon Gries) left the resort abruptly. Quentin found Tanya some arm candy for the event — an attractive, cocaine-supplying guy named Niccolò.

Niccolò and Tanya eventually end up in a bedroom. He steps out of the room for a moment, and Tanya roams around, stopping at a framed photo. There are two people in the photo. One looks like a younger Quentin, and the other looks like a younger… Greg?! It’s hard to tell for sure, but it doesn’t not look like him. OK, upon further inspection, I’m totally convinced that this is her husband Greg.

Given that Tanya explained her and Greg’s relationship to then-stranger Quentin a few episodes ago, there’s no reason Greg should be in that photo. It also doesn’t help that Greg was making secretive phone calls before he abandoned Tanya.

If it is indeed him, Tanya doesn’t seem to register it. She forgets the frame and proceeds to get cozy with Niccolò.

The photo adds a lot of fuel to a fan theory that initially flew under my radar: Some people listened to Quentin talk wistfully about a Wyoming cowboy in episode 5 and surmised that person could be Greg. As both people in the photo Tanya sees are wearing cowboy hats, it sure seems that these viewers are onto something big.

For most of the season, Tanya hadn’t seemed to bat a glammed-up eye at the fun and friendly Quentin and his “nephew” Jack (Leo Woodall). But at the end of episode 5, Tanya saw Quentin having sex with Jack, tipping her off that they probably aren’t related. Viewers have slowly been given more reason to suspect they are not trustworthy.

Jack has also been romantically involved with Tanya’s assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson). In the latest episode, a very drunk Jack said some things that set off some major alarm bells. Jack reveals Quentin spent most of his money through his lavish lifestyle, and was going to have to sell Villa Pisano, his family house. But now he doesn’t have to. Why? “Well he’s coming into money now, isn’t he?” Jack says, then unhelpfully dozes off before elaborating.

Heading into the finale, it seems clearer than ever that these guys are bad news. Even if Tanya is being scammed for her riches, it doesn’t mean murder is on the agenda. It’s still a toss-up as to which characters — if any — meet their demise in Sicily.

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