If Shah Rukh Khan‘s interaction with Dua Lipa a few years ago left people scratching their heads, the precursor to that happened back in 2011, when the actor interacted with Lady Gaga while she was visiting India. The interview made headlines for unexpected reasons — more on that in a minute — but it also had several lighthearted moments where Shah Rukh tried to teach Gaga Hindi.

In a video clip of the interaction, a fan asked Gaga if she would be open to dating Shah Rukh, who has been married to Gauri Khan since 1991. She said, “You’re married. Absolutely not!” Shah Rukh feigned disappointment, and said, “Who told her about this marriage thing of mine?” Gaga said, “I’m a good girl, I don’t believe in that, I am a one-guy girl and very old fashioned that way, absolutely no way.” Shah Rukh joked, “You dashed my hopes to the ground.”

The interview also drew attention for behaviour that was considered inappropriate. Shortly after the exchange about Shah Rukh being a married man, the actor proceeded to ‘gift’ his watch to Gaga, despite her protests. He then made his way over to her, while she cowered in a corner, and forced her to take the watch from him, while he got on the couch and leaned over her. When she said that he should give it to a fan instead, he told her that she can give it away if she wants. Gaga also refused to allow Shah Rukh to hold her coffee cup, and said that she was ‘uncomfortable’ at the idea of such a big ‘star’ holding her cup of coffee, and called him ‘polite’.


Gaga is now a respected actor in her own right. She earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in A Star is Born, and won an Oscar for Best Original Song. She was last seen in House of Gucci, and recently cast as Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie à Deux. In addition to her acting career, Gaga remains one of the world’s biggest pop-stars, with an estimated 170 million records sold, and 13 Grammys to her name.

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