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Gimmicks that DESTROYED a wrestler’s career

A WWE wrestler’s gimmick is a crucial element of their persona and can significantly influence their career trajectory. At the same time, a well-crafted gimmick can propel a wrestler to superstardom. But sometimes wrestlers are given gimmicks that are offensive, racially insensitive, or otherwise controversial. These gimmicks can generate negative backlash from fans and critics, tarnishing the wrestler’s reputation and diminishing their credibility.

Let’s take Muhammad Hassan as an example. He had a promising career with a potential world title reign in the future, but his gimmick as an Arab-American was canceled due to controversy, and he soon decided to quit wrestling. Similarly, there have been many cases where a wrestler’s gimmick destroyed their careers.

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WWE Superstars whose gimmicks destroyed their career

  • Muhammad Hassan
  • The Shockmaster
  • Mabel

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