The voter list registration online (Matadata Namawali Darta) has arrived in Nepal. The apex election body is launching the pre-registration as part of a pilot operation in the three districts of the capital – Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. If you were waiting for it, then you can apply for the pre-registration for your voter list from July 13 (Ashar 29th) for trial.

After completing the registration, you will still need to visit District Election Commission, District Administration Office, and Local Administration Office. The government says it is required to verify your authenticity.

For the online system, the Election Commission has already developed the online voter registration system. The body decided to launch the online service in phases after its meeting on Ashar 28.

Chief Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said that the system is going to benefit the citizens who are not registered with a photo. They can now go to the commission’s website and submit their personal details electronically. But the applicant must still be present at the concerned election office in the district to get the photocopy and fingerprint with the print copy and other necessary documents. They will also need to bring along the unique ID number they receive while applying online.

Once it starts, you will be able to complete your voter registration online at your convenience.

Meanwhile, It is possible that the body will also have a provision to change the voting location for those who have migrated or married away from their registered constituency.

Till now, the commission has been registering the voters’ list via the biometric voter’s registration system (BVRS). But the system is being upgraded to the advanced online version.

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Voter List Registration Online will reduce workload by 70 percent

After the online system kickstarts, the enrollment workload will reduce by up to 70 percent.

The software will allow you to submit all the necessary details from your smartphone. After submitting personal details and documents, a unique ID number will be issued to the applicant on the provided mobile number. Based on the unique number, the commission will process biometric verification and register you as a voter.

The spokesman Poudel shared that the public will get relief from the online registration system. However, they must visit concerned offices for authentication.

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Deputy Secretary of the Information Technology Branch of the Commission, Aadesh Khadka, has informed that the enrollment software will be launched in a few days. The commission has spent around Rs 1.7 million on the software.

If the location has been an impediment to becoming a voter, then you will be able to register your voter list online. But does the requirement to visit offices for verification totally ruin the convenience that comes with the online service? Share with us in the comments below.

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