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‘Venom 3’ Working Title Teases Live-Action Debut Of Marvel Villain

The working title for Tom Hardy’s Venom 3 has been unveiled as “Orwell.” The behind-the-scenes moniker was revealed by The Cosmic Circus, sparking speculation among Marvel fans about the possible live-action debut of a notorious villain from the comics.

Orwell is believed to be a nod to Orwell Taylor, a character with significant connections to Venom. Taylor made his first appearance in the renowned comic book series Venom: Lethal Protector. This has led to speculation that the villainous character might grace the big screen in the highly-anticipated third installment of the Venom series, featuring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

Orwell Taylor was created by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley. Fueled by his thirst for revenge after Venom kills his son Hugh, Owen spirals into madness and assembles the Jury. This group, composed of Hugh’s friends from the military and the Vault, dons Iron Man-inspired suits to take on Eddie Brock. Despite their determination, Taylor and the Jury fail to defeat Eddie, later joining forces with the Life Foundation from the first Venom film.

The connection between the Venom 3 working title and Taylor’s character in the comic book series could indicate that the film will adapt some aspects of the Lethal Protector storyline. If this is the case, fans of the franchise can expect an action-packed ride filled with thrilling confrontations between Venom and Orwell Taylor’s deadly creations.

What to expect from the next Venom movie

Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal and Hutch Parker are producing Venom 3. The four were also involved with the first two Venom movies, which were directed by Ruben Fleischer and Andy Serkis. Kelly Marcel is making her directorial debut with the third installment.

Venom and its follow-up Venom: Let There Be Carnage earned a combined $1.36 billion at the worldwide box office. Following their release, Tom Hardy reprised his role as the anti-hero for the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home, setting up the long-awaited arrival of the Symbiote suit for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

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