“82% of the time
spent with mobile media happens via Apps”, says Twitter.

Don’t you think that’s a lot
of time we spend on a variety of mobile applications, while running our daily
errands, and serving our key commitments?

Mobile applications are the
reason we live our lives with ease and sophistication. Artificial Intelligence
has shown its expanse in the areas which were thought inaccessible in the past,
be it healthcare or eCommerce, or even the industrial revolution via
technological advancements. Application Programming Interface (API) is a
software mediation technology that assists two different applications to
interact with each other smoothly. Google maps, Twitter, Facebook, instant
messages, eCommerce portals, and the like, are some of the popular examples of
APIs that are commonplace in today’s times. It runs on a set of protocols,
procedures, and tools that allow interaction between two applications. It acts
like a messenger server that helps you with all your inter-application
communications via requests and responses. Certified AI professionals,
backed with the AI certifications, are making every event possible to
create an environment that is technology-friendly via efficient artificial
intelligence tools, to streamline routine tasks with ease.

AI technology has come a long way since its inception and is headed to pivot the incredible innovations in major sectors of the world economy. There are numerous Artificial Intelligence APIs that assist in the smooth functioning of the works, are popular in 2022, and leverage an array of opportunities for the future:

1.      SummarizeBot

SummarizeBot API
is an artificial intelligence-based data extraction and analysis means; that
helps in multilingual summarization, keywords, and sentiment analysis. Language
recognition, multimedia analysis, article extraction, information structuring,
image, and face recognition solutions are the key facets of this unique API.
Its key features also include data analysis, transformation & loading; data
mining, predictive analytics, and semantic and text analytics as well. This is
one of the forms of information management and can help to reduce information

2.      Vertex

Vertex AI,
released by Google on May 18, 2021, assists in supporting custom model
training, batch prediction, and online predictions. It is a computer
infrastructure that is based on Jupyter, which makes it fully manageable,
scalable, and enterprise-ready. It also offers exemplary security controls and
user management capabilities; and supports all open-source frameworks.

3.      OpenAI

As per the
records, over 300 apps use GPT-3 across industries and categories, serving the
productivity and creativity levels of the enterprise. OpenAI API offers easy
access to GPT-3 (third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer- NLP-ML
model), which performs a wide range of NLP tasks and coding techniques. It
helps in tasks ranging from creating images from text or making a robot hand
that solves Rubik’s cubes.

4.      SpeechText.AI

enables users to convert audio to text by applying powerful domain-optimized ML
models. This helps in improving the accuracy of speech recognition for
industries manifold- finance, healthcare, legal, HR, and others. Being an
intelligent AI transcription software, it supports various file formats and
transcribes from speech to text in possibly any language.

5.      Deepomatic
Fashion Apparel Detection API

As the name
suggests, a developer or a learned AI professional can conveniently
recognize the different pieces of apparel present in an image by simply sending
the image’s URL or base64. This technology supports the detection and location
of clothes in images. It also offers DL and computer vision capabilities that
enable users to identify the bounding boxes that specify the exact location of
each piece of apparel. Isn’t that an insanely efficient API?

6.      Colormind

Logomaker, Poolors, or Font pairing
are some examples of creative apps that
utilize the Colormind API to enable some incredible color combinations. Get
color inspired with this color scheme generator that uses DL and can learn
color styles from photographs, movies, or popular artwork. Get color inspired
with Colormind API today!

7.      Wit.AI

Ever thought
of interacting with your preferred products or service, or ever thought of
turning what your users say into actions?
Yes, it’s possible via Wit.ai.
Smart homes, wearable devices, chatbots, and mobile apps are some of the ways,
and all of this could be made a reality. Wit.ai provides free access to open
and extensible platforms to create, test and deploy NLP experiences. It also
allows developers to share knowledge via NLP interactions.

8.      Endless
Medical API

In today’s age of
technological advancements, this free API allows easy connection between a
user’s symptoms and complaints, with test results and diagnosis. Patients’
symptoms, blood work, urine test results, and possible diagnoses from medical
experts can be easily accessed via Endless Medical API.

Understanding varied use cases of these incredibly feature-rich APIs are a great way forward to an intelligently-connected world community. Gaining the best AI certifications from world-renowned AI players is a great way to understand and leverage the highest possible return from this industry and to a flourishing AI career for yourself. This is about time that the importance of a credible AI certification is understood for a steeper growth of the entire AI industry for the global good. Begin today and accomplish your dream AI career and formulate incredible APIs for a variety of sectors today.

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