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Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath feels ‘inspired’ as he shares story of his hardworking father-in-law

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The internet is full of inspiring stories of people who have fought against all the odds and left an impression on the world with their achievements. While some belong to the group of widely-known personalities from the field of business and entertainment industry, ‘the common man’ is also no way behind. Many such success tales continue to come up time and again. One such story is of a 70-year-old man who after retiring from the Indian Army set up his own grocery shop as he believes in being ‘mentally and physically’ active. The man is none other than the father-in-law of Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath, the young entrepreneur whose success story has also inspired many. Kamath recently took to Instagram and shared his father-in-law’s story in a long post, further adding how the Army veteran has taught him the teachings of good life.

Kamath also shared a picture with his father-in-law as they posed in front of his grocery shop.


Beginning with introducing his father-in-law, Shivaji Patil, the Zerodha CEO mentioned that he served as a Havaldar in the Indian Army where he lost his fingers to frostbite during the Kargil, as a result of which, he took voluntary retirement. It was then that Patil started his own grocery shop in Karnataka’s Belgaum. It has been several years since then and the Army veteran is now 70 years old but still continues to run his shop wholeheartedly. “He goes to the local market regularly on his decades-old scooter for the specially-abled to buy groceries for the shop. His only help is my mother-in-law, who helps him run the shop and manages the house,” Kamath added. 

Nithin also mentioned how his father-in-law refuses to stop working as he clearly believed in being “mentally and physically” active and being happy about what he has. “I have never seen him wanting something or complaining, not even about losing his fingers in the war,” he added. 

Concluding the note, the Zerodha CEO asserted that he found his answer to feel content and increase his health span in his father-in-law’s story.

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