A video showing an expert-level technique of cheating during exams has grabbed eyeballs of the Internet users. While some have termed the technique “genius”, some said studying is much easier. The video was shared by a Twitter user with the caption: “This is expert level cheating”.

The video shows a person casually playing with a pen, seemingly during an exam, before the camera shows an open pencil pouch with several pencils/pens inside it. But the pens and pencils turned out to be a wallpaper as the person closes it to show the gallery. Then the person opens another picture which shows the cheating material in the phone gallery.

The video has garnered 10.8k retweets and 101.3k likes.

This video has caught attention of many as they praised this creative technique to cheat during exams. But some said people got to be smart if they want to pull such a thing in the exams.

A Twitter user said, “Graduated with a 3.8 gpa and I cheated all 4 years all the time. You gotta be smart to cheat. It’s almost as hard work as just putting in the work to not cheat.”

“Please. The way that light would reflect on that black bag….and my finger swiping in my bag for what? What you gonna do when the instructor walks by? ZIP IT QUICK? Lol.”

Some even said that this level of cheating does not happen these days.

“Would never happen these days, as students must usually have a clear pencil case or stationery loose on their desk for this very reason! Source: I am an ex exam invigilator.”

Some dropped the most hilarious comments on the post.

“Until the teacher asks why your pens are lighting up the inside of your pencil case,” one said. Another said, “Yep. Just over here, casually fingering my glowing pencil case in the middle of an exam.”

“Expert level cheating is writing the answers on a tissue, slipping it back into the tissue box, then when some1 gets suspicious, coughing into said tissue (or blowing your nose depending on the situation) and crumpling it up. No ones gna wanna touch the “evidence”,” one said.

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