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SunVilla Debuts a Solar-Powered Tool Shed For All Your Gear – Review Geek


SunVilla solar-powered tool shed

The popular California-based patio furniture brand SunVilla is partnering with Suntek Technology to deliver more solar-powered options for homeowners. SunVilla news-releases/sunvilla-unveils-revolutionary-solar-powered-smart-yard-from-suntek-301871431.html”>recently debuted its new smart yard ambitions and a solar storage shed for tools and gear with a built-in battery.

While SunVilla already offers solar products like this solar-LED patio umbrella, with the help of Suntek, it’s aiming even bigger. The new “Solar-Powered Smart Yard” platform is designed to help modern homeowners do more.

According to its news-releases/sunvilla-unveils-revolutionary-solar-powered-smart-yard-from-suntek-301871431.html”>press release, the Solar Shed topped with solar panels is the hub for this operation, which then charges an array of semi-solid-state batteries stored inside the shed. From here, owners can recharge and run power tools, ebikes, lawnmowers, and other gear for keeping the yard looking fresh.

Suntek battery-powered tools.

Furthermore, the company plans to release an entire lineup of new outdoor power equipment, like trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and more, all powered by next-gen battery technologies.

The solar-powered tool shed is capable of upwards of 3800W thanks to a 6400Wh capacity, which sounds pretty large for a couple of tools. However, when you’re powering outdoor lights, recharging devices, and doing other tasks, it’ll all start to add up. Either way, this system delivers clean power for all of it.

Unfortunately, the announcement doesn’t mention the output power on those shed solar panels, and I’d be interested to hear how many watts it’ll be pulling to keep that large battery topped off. Most people don’t use power tools daily, so even with a slow charge, it’ll likely always have enough juice to get the job done.

SunVilla says the entire product line would be equipped with Suntek’s Smart Link app, giving owners precise control to monitor real-time product status, charging, lifecycle, and more from a smartphone or tablet. That way, you don’t have to head to the backyard to see if your drill is charged and ready to go.

The new line of tools and the SunVilla Solar Tool Shed will reportedly be available in the coming weeks, with a more extensive rollout later this summer. And while we didn’t get an estimated price tag, it certainly won’t be cheap with a battery that size.

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