You are currently viewing Steve Sarkisian vows to take down Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide in 2023: “I think we can”

Steve Sarkisian vows to take down Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide in 2023: “I think we can”


Steve Sarkisian, head coach of the Texas Longhorns, hinted at his team’s preparedness to take their pound of flesh when they face Alabama in September.

The Longhorns fell to a painful 20-19 loss against Alabama in Austin last year. With their lessons learned from that encounter, they are heading to Tuscaloosa with renewed vigor.

It is not about blindly seeking vengeance for Sarkisian’s men. Rather, Saban’s former assistant believes he has found a way to get the better of his former boss. Sarkisian feels his team deserves better than the narrow loss they got a year ago, even if they could’ve played better.

He said, “We thought we played them well a year ago. We didn’t play well enough.”

Sarkisian is aware that his men must do a better job than they did in their last matchup to come away with a win this time.

He stated, “So the key to the drill when we go there, we have to play better than we did last year. I think we can.”

He doesn’t doubt his team’s ability to get the job done.

Is Steve Sarkisian’s confidence justified?

Steve Sarkisian is not mistaken in thinking a little more effort than his team could manage the last time should be enough for a win this year. After all, the Longhorns lost by just a point against an Alabama team ranked number one in the country at the time they played.

It is beyond just his team’s footballing ability for Sarkisian, however. He believes his team has become better, not only physically, but also in mindset. The Texas team that is heading into the 2023 season is one that is confident in its ability to win games, even against the high and mighty like Alabama.

“I think we’ll have the mental fortitude to go do it, the mental toughness to go do it, and the physical toughness to go do it because it’s going to be a physical football game,” Sarkisian said.

The teams meet at Tuscaloosa on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 6 pm CT.

Steve Sarkisian’s optimism is justified for a number of reasons. In the recent Big 12 ranking, Texas received the highest vote, ranking as the top likeliest team to win the conference championship.

It will be such a remarkable way to end its Big 12 membership. Texas can make it happen, thanks to five-star quarterback Quinn Ewers being on the team.


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