• Google has revealed which apps will support the new Spatial Audio feature.
  • These apps are Google TV, HBO Max, Netflix, and YouTube.

Google confirmed yesterday that the Pixel line’s upcoming Spatial Audio feature will be coming in January. This feature allows you to enjoy “virtual” surround sound via your earphones or earbuds.

Now, Google has quietly posted a support page (h/t: 9to5Google) to confirm which apps will support Spatial Audio when it launches early next year.

More specifically, the Pixel maker says Google TV, HBO Max, Netflix, and YouTube will support the upcoming feature. However, content on these services will need to have support for 5.1 audio tracks or better.

In any event, this list seems a little shorter than Apple’s initial list of apps that support Spatial Audio. Apps that support Apple’s take on the tech include its own TV app, HBO Max, Netflix, Discovery Plus, Disney Plus, Hulu, Plex, Peacock, and Paramount Plus. But it does miss out on Google TV and YouTube.

Spatial Audio: What else should you know?

As for supported phones, the feature will land on the Pixel 6 flagships and the Pixel 7 duo. It’ll be available via Settings > Sound and Vibration > Spatial Audio.

Google also confirmed that Spatial Audio with head tracking will be available if you’ve got the Pixel Buds Pro and one of the aforementioned Pixel smartphones. This requires the latest Pixel Buds Pro firmware and will be accessible via Connected Devices > Pixel Buds Pro > Settings > Head tracking.

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