Sophie Choudry had made a permanent place for herself when she appeared in the Indi Pop song- Ek Pardesi. The song was a huge hit, and people just fell heads over heels for the actress. The VJ, who is also a singer, recently released another song called Gori Hai. Now, in an interview, she has spoken up about ageism, and called her experience about it ‘funny’. She also opened up about the success of Ek Pardesi.

Talking to Indian Express, Sophie Choudry opened up about her experience of ageism and said, “My experience with ageism is a funny thing. Every day I get messages where people tell me they were in school when Ek Pardesi came out and now they look old, but I don’t. Once in a while I get messages of people telling me to ‘act my age’, but what’s that? I’ve never thought of age as a number.”

Sophie also revealed that while fans do remember her, they often forget that she is also a singer who sang Ek Pardesi. She also added, “When remixes were coming 10-15 years ago, it would be a different singer and a different face, it would be a model. But I was the only one who was singing and was in the video, that way we kept a pop feel. I guess the style, the way we present it, somehow has always connected with people, and it has helped me create a very unique niche of my own, and I’m very grateful for that.”

Speaking about Gori Hai, Sophie revealed that she got the inspiration to do it from social media and said, “Gori Hai” happened because of social media. I happened to do a cover version of “Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava” in Telugu which went nuts, which I never expected. My regular fans have always asked me to come back, but people who had forgotten that I sing, they all remembered me. The response to that is what really gave me that force to just get a song out. It is really funny how social media can work for someone and at the same time people also talk about the negativity around it.”

Have you watched Gori Hai yet?

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