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Sony’s SRS-XV800 is the speaker to get for your next house party

Sony has announced the SRS-XV800, a portable, plug-in speaker for when you’re hosting house parties.

But it’s not just house parties that the Sony has set the SRS-XV800’s sights on improving, as it can be plugged into a TV to help boost its sound too.

With its Omni-directional Party Sound feature, Sony says the XV800 is able to carry its “powerful sound” to every corner of the room. Its driver set-up is made up of five tweeters that deliver sound to the front and rear of the speaker, along with Sony’s X-Balanced Speaker unit to provide the bass.

The unique aspect of the X-Balanced speaker is that rather than being a circular cone, it’s designed as a rectangular diaphragm that maximises the area of the speaker as well as increasing the sound pressure for deeper, punchier bass; less distortion and clearer vocal clarity.

Sony SRS-XV800 top down

Battery life is said to be up to 25 hours, with quick charging support giving the speaker a three hour boost from 10 minutes of charging. The speaker can be easily moved around with its handle and built-in wheels, in case you want to take it to someone else’s house.

There’s lighting system built in too, that can match the beat and rhythm of the music being played to light up a room. For those who fancy belting out a tune, the SRS-XV800 has a karaoke and guitar input to sing/play along.

Rated to IPX4, the speaker can resist splashes of water and there’s support for Bluetooth Fast Pair with Android devices to speed up the connection process. As mentioned earlier, the XV800 can be hooked up to a TV to enhanced the bass and deliver “realistic high frequencies”.

The SRS-XV800 goes on sale in Europe from May 2023 onwards, and the estimated retail price of the party speaker is £599 / €699.

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