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Sonakshi Sinha: I don’t see myself doing a Pataal Lok, Sacred Games or Mirzapur | Bollywood


Sonakshi Sinha received rave reviews for her recent series debut, Reema Kagti and Ruchi Oberoi’s thriller Dahaad, in which she played a cop named Anjali Bhati. Sonakshi, however, has said while she’s an avid buff of crime thrillers, she wouldn’t sign the more explicit thrillers like Mirzapur, Sacred Games and Pataal Lok. (Also Read: Sonakshi Sinha on 10 years of Lootera: I changed 13 sarees for Sawaar Loon, Ranveer Singh gave up coffee)

Sonakshi Sinha plays a cop in Dahaad.
Sonakshi Sinha plays a cop in Dahaad.

Sonakshi made her debut in 2010 as Rajjo, opposite Salman Khan’s cop Chulbul Pandey, in Abhinav Kashyap’s blockbuster action comedy Dabangg. While she’s had a fair share of successes and failures, critical acclaim and flak over the years, she was unanimously praised for the role of Anjali Bhati in Dahaad, which dropped on Prime Video India in May this year.

Sonakshi doesn’t see herself in explicit OTT shows

When Sonakshi was asked which streaming show she wanted to be a part of in a recent interview, she said, “So there’s a few that I’ve liked – Pataal Lok, Sacred Games, Mirzapur. But I don’t know if I’d fit in any one of those (laughs). They’re kind of explicit. But I really enjoyed watching them.” Sonakshi said in the interview with Film Companion that she’s a fan of crime thrillers and documentaries.

Sonakshi on not making family uncomfortable with her films

“I’ve always done films I can sit and watch with my entire family. If I would feel like something would make them uncomfortable, I wouldn’t do it. I prefer it that way. It’s not because I’ve been told or anything. It’s just nicer if I can sit with my family and watch something without them flinching or feeling embarrassed. There’s enough work doing the rounds. Which is why I’m still here 13 years down the line. Because I’ve always done work I’m comfortable doing. And I always lay my cards out initially. Whenever someone offers me something, and if I feel it’s something untoward I won’t be comfortable with, I always make sure they know about it. Then it’s their choice, of course if they want to replace me and go ahead with someone else, it’s their choice and they can go ahead. But most of the time, people have said, ‘Okay, we know what you bring to the table. We want you. We’ll work around it.’ So far, it’s been good,” Sonakshi said in the same interview.



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