Sidharth Shukla’s sudden death in September 2021 shook his fans and family members and one year later, his friend and Shehnaaz Gill’s brother Shehbaz Badesha spoke about they have been coping with this loss. In a chat with Bollywood Bubble, Shehbaz said that he does not need a special occasion to think of Sidharth because he is in his heart at all times.

“He is in my heart. I know it. I don’t have to tell anyone. I don’t need a special occasion to remember anyone. We love him and we will continue to love him,” he said. He spoke about what they tell each other, and themselves in trying to process the loss. “Dekho agar koi aadmi gaya hai na yahan se, kehte hain ache logo ki zarurat bhagwan ko hoti hai. Ache logo ki zarurat padi hai bhagwan ko, tabhi gaya hai. (They say that God needs good people. He must need people, that is why he is gone.)”

Shehbaz often talks about how Sidharth was a huge inspiration for him and how he thinks of the late actor every time he starts something new. “Apni life achi karni hai toh we have to go forward. (We have to move on to make something of our life) Agar hum forward jayenge toh voh bhi humare saath forward jayega, agar hum khatam ho jayenge toh voh bhi khatam ho jayega (If we move towards a brighter future, he moves with us but if we get stuck, so does he.)”

In another interview with the publication, Shehnaaz had spoken about how the events of the past year prepared her and how she feels like a strong woman now. She said, “I feel very strong today. Also, I think whatever happened has prepared me for everything. I have a belief that whatever will happen will be for the good for now.”

On the eve of Shukla’s first death anniversary, his family attended a prayer meet with Brahma Kumaris.

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