You are currently viewing Influencer sets up ‘relax station’ for delivery agents, lauded for efforts

Influencer sets up ‘relax station’ for delivery agents, lauded for efforts


'Real heros of India': Influencer sets up 'relax station' for delivery agents, lauded for efforts

A social media influencer sets up ‘relax station’ for delivery agents and is lauded for his efforts. File Photo.

Heroes don’t always come in covered gear and sword sheaths as knights in shining armour. Some believe in fighting secret battles daily. One glance and they can be easily spotted around us, dressed as food delivery executives. With the monsoon taking hold of India and throwing life out of gear, the only thing that continues to be active is their delivery services. Looking at their plight, a man took it on himself and placed a ‘relax station’ where delivery agents could have snacks and take a break from work.

Siddhesh Lokare, an Instagram Influencer, known as ‘sidiously_’ on Instagram pronounced the move as society’s collective ‘salaam’ to the real heroes of India. Furthermore, he explained that the ‘relax station’ is a collective effort and bravery of the delivery network delivering food and comfort. Sharing his experience, he mentioned how a sense of pride and passion ensued during his conversation with these hard-working people who relish their jobs irrespective of the appalling seasons. “Baarish ho ya kuch bhi ho, rukna nahi hai,” he said in the reel.

The post garnered over 6 lakh views.

“Kya aap delivery kar rahe hain? Thoda relax kar lo. (Are you out for delivery? Kindly take some rest),” read the placard.

Check out the man’s Instagram post:

The clip shows Lokare setting things off on a scooter. It includes a few snacks like pakora and samosa, chai and some raincoats for those who might need them.

Check out some of the comments below:

“You’re doing a great work bro,” wrote one user. Another said: “Nice work brother.”

Overburdened with work, delivery partners always rush from one place to another with alacrity and at breakneck speeds to deliver the food in time. Recently, food delivery firm Zomato’s grocery unit, Blinkit, became temporarily unavailable after 50 stores shut down in different parts of Delhi-NCR. The incident happened after delivery partners associated with the unit protested against recent changes in their pay structure.

As per Blinkit’s revised pay structure, delivery executives shall be entitled to a minimum fee of Rs 15 per delivery, instead of Rs 25 per delivery. This led to issues with the orders and a message displaying: “Due to excess demand, temporarily unavailable.”

Viral videos on various social media platforms showed Blinkit’s delivery executives protesting against the revised payment structure.

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