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Ratan Rajput Recalls Her Horrific Casting Couch Experience My Drink Was Spiked


Ratan Rajput recently recalled her horrific casting couch experience during audition and alleged that her drink was spiked.

Ratan Rajput Recalls Her Horrific Casting Couch Experience: 'My Drink Was Spiked'
Ratan Rajput Recalls Her Horrific Casting Couch Experience: ‘My Drink Was Spiked’

Ratan Rajput Recalls Her Casting Couch Experience: Ratan Rajput is considered one of the most popular names in the television industry. Her portrayal of the iconic character of Laali in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo got her fame and recognition as an actress. However, being an outsider, it wasn’t a cake walk for the actress. Although earlier she had never spoken much about the hardships she had to go through. Recently, Ratan chose to reveal all about her horrific casting couch experience as a struggling artist. Ratan hadn’t opened up on her dark experiences during #MeToo movement, but now she has decided to speak up so that the younger generation of actors are aware.


In an interaction with Aaj Tak, Ratan said, “I would call casting couch ‘neeyat’ (motive). I had never really opened about casting couch even during the #MeToo movement. But it’s really important to talk about it. I am on YouTube and I get a lot of personal e-mails especially from the young generation. They ask me to guide them. So I feel they should know the truth. They should not have desperation. That being said, the whole industry is not bad if four people among them has done something evil. It’s very important to know that not everyone is the same. You should just know how to filter out. I am here because of the industry today. It gave me experience from the industry.” She further added, “There was a hotel in Oshiwara where all the auditions used to happen. I went for an audition there and saw many well-known actors there. I gave my audition but the director wasn’t present there. Some co-ordinator of a lower level took my audition and said, “you did so well ma’am. Sir has been talking only about you. Aapka hi hoga.” I said okay. It used to be my habit that I would never go alone. I had a friend with me who had come for dance audition. Anyway, that co-ordinator told me to take the script and get ready for a meeting. I didn’t really understand what was going on. I went to another hotel upstairs for the meeting. There, they kept insisting us to have a cold drink which we took a sip of even though we didn’t want to. Then they said they would call me for another audition. Me and my friend reached home then and I started doubting if there was something mixed in the cold drink. I was feeling a bit uneasy too. A few hours later, I got a call to come in for another audition. The script was utter trash. Many people would tell me why didn’t you say no but that time, you start doubting yourself that you are leaving behind getting work.”


The Agle Janam Mohe Bitya Hi Kijo actress told, “So me and my friends went for the audition in Mhada. It was a very weird place. I entered the place and saw that the whole place was a mess, the lighting was bad, there were clothes thrown around everywhere. I saw a girl there lying unconscious due to alcohol perhaps. I could sense that whatever had to happen was already done there.” She also stated, “That man came outside and scolded me saying ‘boyfriend ke sath kyu aayi hu.’ I told him it was my brother who was accompanying me. There was something in that drink which made you feel out of control even though you are conscious. We said sorry and ran away from here.”


Ratan concluded by saying, “How can I openly talk about it? People won’t give me work otherwise. But I feel we should be socially responsible, so we should talk about it. The industry is not wrong but some people in it are. I want to slap that person who did this to me. He is still a big name in the industry. They should do this to people who are willing but not trap new kids.”

The actress also played the character of Amba in the epic television series Mahabharat (2013).

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