Pokemon Unite’s September 1st Anniversary celebration details were previously teased by Timi–including the new Theia Sky Ruins–but now we know more about what to expect from the new venue for both ranked and standard matches.

Instead of Zapdos, a new Pokemon called Rayquaza will appear in the center in the final two minutes. The team who kills Rayquaza will get a shield, attack and speed boosts, and unblockable scoring attempts.

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In the top lane, Rotom will be gone. In its stead, Regieleki will take its place. Defeating it will award an ally that can assist in attacking the opponent’s goals. In the bottom lane, Dreadnaw has been removed. Regirock, Regice, or Registeel instead will appear randomly. Each provides a different buff to the team that defeats them.

Zapdos has always been controversial among the Pokemon Unite community. The team that kills it essentially disables the opposing team’s goals–a major advantage. A team lagging significantly behind in points can flip the situation by killing Zapdos in the final two minutes. With Rayquaza, the opposing team should have more of a chance to defend and win. The varied Regi- monsters in the bottom lane should also provide more ways to play than the usual “rotate-to-Dreadnaw” strategy in Remoat stadium.

Alongside Theia Sky Stadium, Mew will also arrive on September 2. Mew borrows attacks from other Pokemon, like Pikachu’s Electric Orbs, Bulbasaur’s Solar Beam, Blatoise’s Surf, and Mimic’s Light Screen.

Mew can also create a Mystical Mirage, an AoE that will make Mew and all allies invisible for a few seconds. Mew will also become invincible for the duration of the attack, and after a few moments, all opponents in the field will receive damage.

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