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Nothing Phone (2) Reviews, Pros and Cons


By Mashable


Nothing Phone (2) is a polished handset with some cool ideas, but Android lovers still have better options on the table.

By DigitalTrends


The Nothing Phone 2’s eye-catching design and cool Glyph lights are just the beginning, as the screen, performance, and camera all impress too.

By The Verge


The Phone 2’s whole deal would be a little tiresome if the device itself wasn’t good. That’s not the case. This is a thoroughly good midrange phone, and it’s trying to do something a little different. I appreciate that. I just don’t think it’s for me — but maybe I’m a lost cause. At the very least, I appreciate having Nothing officially on the scene in the US, even if the Phone 2 isn’t quite my vibe.

By HotHardware


The Nothing Phone (2) is an affordable flagship that ticks all the right boxes. It brings a ton of fun and personality to the traditional smartphone form factor without sacrificing performance or value. The hardware is polished and refined, the software is clean and responsive, and the Glyph Interface is more useful than ever – even if it’s still just icing on the proverbial cake. At $599, you just can’t go wrong.

By cnet


The Nothing Phone 2’s flashy LEDs certainly make a statement, and both its processor performance and battery life are strong. But the extra $100 Nothing wants over its predecessor has changed the game. It’s gone from being an affordable budget option to quite a pricey midranger, while the competition has been getting stronger.

By PhoneArena


But once those things start getting addressed, the price may also start climbing towards the flagship threshold. For the time being, we are perfectly happy with the Nothing Phone (2) for the $600 smartphone that it is — it’s unique, performs great, and the camera is OK and dependable for capturing memorabilia.

By Stuff


A beautiful big-screen blower with unique style and plenty of substance. Rivals have it beat in one or two areas, but none have Phone 2’s charm.

By ZDNet


Price aside, you should buy the Nothing Phone 2 if you consider yourself an early adopter and/or want to try a new phone from an up-and-coming brand. The Glyph Interface makes the Phone 2 one of, if not the most, interesting slab-style phones on the market, and it’s genuinely useful if digital well-being is something you value. But, if you’re seeking the best camera system in this sub-$600 price range, Google’s Pixels will serve you better.

By TrustedReviews


Though it’s pricier than its predecessor, the Nothing Phone (2) is a tempting buy. It fixes the big complaints with the original while offering performance similar to that of flagships that cost much more. It also looks pretty cool with Nothing’s signature transparent LED-infused rear.


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