Nissan is recalling 125,215 Nissan Rogues from the 2017 model year to check for corrosion in their wiring harnesses that can potentially lead to a short circuit and/or spark, which could cause a fire, or at least wreak havoc on the car’s electronics. 

“In affected vehicles, a suspected vehicle water leak can cause water intrusion into the dash side harness connector,” Nissan’s defect report said. “If this occurs, the dash side harness connector may corrode. In rare cases, a fire could potentially occur, increasing the risk of injury.”

Fortunately, there are some obvious signs that water has made its way into your harness. The driver’s side power seat or window may become inoperable, an AWD warning light may display in the cluster, or you may notice an otherwise inexplicable drain on car’s battery

To remedy the issue, dealers will replace any bad connectors and waterproof them to guard against further intrusion. Nissan says that cars built outside the recall population have a harness connector that is already water-tight enough to prevent issues. 

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