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Who is Mina Kimes’ husband Nick Sylvester? All about ESPN analyst’s personal life


On the ESPYS red carpet in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, Mina Kimes made her pregnancy known to the public. Kimes is married to Nick Sylvester, a recording engineer and founding member of the alternative label Godmode.

The 37-year-old American journalist wrote on Twitter, “brought a date,” along with a heart-shaped emoticon and a photo of herself holding her baby bump.

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Kimes worked for ESPN The Magazine when she joined the company. She joined “NFL Live” in 2020 and regularly features on other programs, like Around the Horn. She also serves as the Los Angeles Rams’ color analyst.

Nick Sylvester, Mina Kimes’ partner, is a performer, writer and music producer. He was formerly a member of the American punk rock band Mr. Dream and is widely recognized in US pop culture for authoring several music assessments.

Sylvester’s studies in musique concrete composition, computer music and renaissance choral singing at Harvard were the start of an eternal fascination with synthesizing, sampling and the area where noise and sound collide. James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and Jeff Blenkinsopp trained Sylvester ways to record, create and listen when he moved to New York.

When Sylvester was a little boy, his grandfather served as an inspiration for his love of music. He began his career as a musician by playing trumpet in wedding bands and decided to enter the music business as he grew older, succeeding there.

Additionally, Sylvester has made a huge contribution to the American music industry by penning countless album reviews for well-known musicians like Lil Wayne.

Kimes and Sylvester reportedly met via a mutual friend and started dating in 2012. According to their wedding invitation card and other available information, they were married in 2015.

The ceremony took place in September 2015 at Material Culture in Philadelphia, and family members and close associates were present.

When did Mina Kimes join ESPN?

The news of Mina Kimes’ pregnancy brought plenty of congratulations across social media, including her fellow teammates at the Worldwide Leader.

Kimes has been with ESPN since 2014 and has grown into a major presence on the network. She first wrote features for the company’s now-defunct magazine before moving to podcasts and major ESPN TV shows.


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