Netflix helps password crackdown victims to re-home their profile


Netflix is making it slightly easier to deal with the fallout of its password sharing crackdown – by allowing users to import their beloved account settings and recommendations into an existing account.

With plenty of Netflix users becoming homeless – after being kicked off accounts outside of the paying member’s household – there’s been plenty of folks struggling to keep hold of their settings. Considering a Netflix profile also includes game save data these days, it could be even more useful than before.

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While Netflix had already set something up to allow an existing profile to be imported into a new account, it is now enabling profiles to be imported into existing accounts.

This will be handy for those folks moving-in with a friend or a partner and seeking to split the cost of an account. Netflix says it was a feature highly sought after by users.

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In an update on the news/profile-transfer-keeps-netflix-experience-constant” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Netflix blog, the company wrote: “Starting today, the profile transfer feature has been updated to allow transfers to an existing account (instead of requiring a new account).”

Users will need to log into the paying member’s account to access the Profile Transfer option and will be able to follow instructions to sync their profile with the second account – new or existing.

Here’s the full instructions on how to use Netflix’s Profile Transfer feature. If you’re on the other side of the coin, you can work out how to see who is using your Netflix account here.


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