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Muna New York City Concert Review: Sexy Club Jams, Rock Star Swagger

Indie trio Muna isn’t yet a household name, but judging from a roaring reception at the first of two sold-out shows at New York City’s Terminal 5, they’re already a must-see live band on the rise.

The group — consisting of singer Katie Gavin, lead guitarist Josette Maskin and multi-instrumentalist Naomi McPherson, as well as touring drummer Sarab Singh and bassist Geo Botelho — has put in plenty of time on the road, opening for huge touring artists such as Harry Styes, the 1975, Lorde, Kacey Musgraves and dates on Taylor Swift’s massive Eras Tour. All that time on major stages has made the group’s chops exceedingly tight, even brighter than their records.

Touring in support of the pop dynamite of its self-titled third album, the group bounded through the bulk of their new material and a healthy serving of their back catalogue. Although a few of their deeper tracks had Gavin grabbing an acoustic guitar, the group felt most comfortable in the warm synths of their ’80s-inspired jams.

Opening with “Muna” banger “What I Want,” the trio immediately jumped into their rockstar poses, with Maskin swinging their guitar around like a glam hero, Gavin’s leather duds giving Sunset Strip power, and McPherson as the quiet mastermind, conjuring the music through numerous guitars and synths.

As impactful as their dancefloor-filling hooks on “Solid,” “The One That Got Away,” and “So Special” were live, a certain electricity went through the crowd with inclusive singalongs like “I Know a Place” and “Kind of Girl.” Muna’s songwriting often touches on the joys and complexities of finding yourself in the queer community, and the celebration of self carried the audience through the evening.

Ending with their biggest hit to date, the sunny and sensual “Silk Chiffon,” which Maskin once perfectly described as “a redemption song for young, queer makeouts,” fans piled out of the venue still singing their favorite songs, bringing Muna’s positive vibes into the streets of New York, looking for the next party.

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