You are currently viewing ‘Mr Vaccine’ Aaron Rodgers has himself to blame for 2023 Hard Knocks feature, according to Colin Cowherd

‘Mr Vaccine’ Aaron Rodgers has himself to blame for 2023 Hard Knocks feature, according to Colin Cowherd


Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets will be on Hard Knocks this year. They were one of the few teams that qualified for the show and with Rodgers and other interesting players, it was an easy choice for the NFL. The Jets didn’t want this, but they’ll have a lot of eyes on them.

Coming off the trade, Rodgers may not want this extra attention on him, but it’s coming nonetheless. Colin Cowherd believes there’s only one person to blame for this: Rodgers himself:

“When you become Mr. Polarizing and noisy in the offseason, this is what HBO wants: juice and heaters.”@ColinCowherd on the Jets being featured on ‘Hard Knocks’

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“Jets are the most interesting team now because of Rodgers. Aaron sort of likes to control narratives, won’t be able to here. He can be prickly. The Jets did not want this. Teams that are on it don’t have a great track record of winning.

“The downside to being a quarterback with an opinion on vaccines and opinions on media and wanting his own voice, being viewed as polarizing and building his brand- that’s why the Jets got it… That’s the downside to being Mr. Personality, Mr. Vaccine.”

Rodgers has never shied away from voicing his opinion, especially on vaccines. He infamously lied about his status during COVID-19 and has openly supported anti-vaccine presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr.

The Jets will be on Hard Knocks
The Jets will be on Hard Knocks

As a result, his team will now be in sharp focus during the offseason.

When does HBO’s Hard Knocks start filming?

Hard Knocks typically begins filming during training camp. They usually follow a team through that stage and into the preseason. Part of the allure of the show is learning about these players and then watching them either make it or get cut.

Thus, the filming begins when that stage begins. They want as much content to follow as possible, so they start fairly early.

Which teams have been on Hard Knocks so far?

The following teams have graced the HBO show before:

  • Baltimore Ravens, 2001
  • Dallas Cowboys, 2002
  • Kansas City Chiefs, 2007
  • Dallas Cowboys, 2008
  • Cincinnati Bengals, 2009
  • New York Jets, 2010
  • Miami Dolphins, 2012
  • Cincinnati Bengals, 2013
  • Atlanta Falcons, 2014
  • Houston Texans, 2015
  • Los Angeles Rams, 2016
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2017
  • Cleveland Browns, 2018
  • Oakland Raiders, 2019
  • LA Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, 2020
  • Dallas Cowboys, 2021
  • Detroit Lions, 2022

Now, the Jets will join them once more.

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