Most Compatible Zodiac Signs With Tara Sutaria (Pic Credit: Instagram)

She was born on November 19, 1995, a Scorpio and that makes her a very passionate person. Actress Tara Sutaria began her career as a singer in Disney’s Big Bada Boom and then transitioned to sitcoms.

As a person, being a Scorpio, she is loyal, and amazing when in love and souls of this zodiac sign make excellent partners. They can be traditional when it comes to relationships and they are very intimate and committed too. One-night stands are very rare in their case.

To know more about the compatibility of other zodiac signs with Tara Sutaria, celeb astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji rolled out some of the most compatible zodiacs with her Scorpio nature.


The combination seems a bit tough but if they make it work, they are bound to last long. A Taurus soul with Tara Sutaria is contrasting but Scorpios love their Taurus partner’s stability, trustworthy vibes and the fact that they are reliable. They are very passionate and emotional and their s*xual chemistry together can put a house on fire.


Cancerians and Tara together, make a very emotional, intuitive and possessive pair. Their emotions will be heightened together and their commitment level can make others jealous. They are one of the best pairings on the zodiac wheel.


Virgo folks together with Tara Sutaria’s Scorpio are in fact very diverse. Virgo is reserved as a zodiac while Scorpios are very strong. The former can be timid too but together, they can be an intimidating pair. The difference is that Scorpios want to spearhead the relationship with Virgos and there can be a clash unless Virgo lets go of its need to run the show and dominate.


Capricorn and Tara Sutaria would make an ambitious couple. Both are into values and are extremely hardworking. As a couple, they are driven and they value security. Capricorns can be emotionally absent sometimes but the Scorpio compensates for it. Communication from Scorpio’s end make the relationship work too.


A Pisces and Tara Sutaria would make the perfect match on the zodiac wheel. Their pairing makes others jealous because their connection can run so deep that it is beautiful. They are possessive together but it strengthens them as a couple instead of ruining it.

Predictions By: Pandit Jagannath Guruji

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