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5 Fruits You Must Eat to Stay Healthy During Rainy Season


The greatest method to maintain excellent health during monsoon is to practice mindful eating habits, select seasonal foods, and keep physically active.

Fruits for monsoon
Monsoon Diet: 5 Fruits You Must Eat to Stay Healthy During Rainy Season

Monsoon Diet: The monsoon season has arrived, bringing cool rains and much-needed respite from the oppressively hot summer. However, a variety of health problems are also brought on by this season. Monsoon season is characterized by a high prevalence of illnesses spread by mosquitoes, including dengue fever, malaria, the seasonal flu, and typhoid. Nutritionist Divya Kaur said, “Monsoons bring with them multiple infections and diseases like cholera and malaria. These fruits will help you fight these infections and boost your immunity.” The nutritionist shares a list of seasonal fruits to stay fit and healthy.


  1. Peaches: They have fluoride which aids in better dental health. You can either eat it raw or mix it with salad or have the pulp. Jamun is a powerhouse of nutrients like vitamins, potassium, folate, and iron. All these nutrients are very helpful during the monsoons.
  2. Litchi: It is full of antioxidants that help asthmatic people breathe better and also help the body lose weight faster. Litchi helps the body to resist diseases and build up the immune system. … Vitamin C in litchi helps during a common cold caught during monsoon.
  3. Plum: They are small package fruits with great value. … The reddish-blue pigment (anthocyanin) present in these fruits also protects against cancer. Thus, during the monsoon, your body is more vulnerable to infection and water-borne diseases which can take a toll on your health. Hence, it is essential to stay fit
  4. Cherries: They are a rich source of antioxidants and they prevent or repair the damage that is done to your body’s cells by free radicals. They are also known to be potent anticancer agents. Apart from this, they relieve arthritis pain which is on the rise during the rainy season
  5. Jamuns: They have low-calorie content and are loaded with nutrients – iron, folate, potassium, and vitamins. This fruit should be consumed in the monsoon season. It also helps in treating diseases and gastric problems which usually occur in the rainy season.

Even while the monsoon is a wonderful time to enjoy yourself, you should also take good care of yourself and work to increase your immunity so that you can guard against numerous health difficulties including colds, coughs, and stomach problems.


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