On Saturday night what was supposed to be a special night at Disneyland, the annual Candlelight Processional, turned tragic when a man reportedly committed suicide by jumping from the Mickey and Friends parking structure. Now, some of the details have begun to come to light, as suicide has been confirmed and the identity of the man has been revealed, thanks to what appears to be a suicide note posted to Facebook.

A principal at Newland Elementary in Southern California named Chris Christensen has been identified as the man who jumped from the Disneyland parking structure on Saturday evening. In a post to Facebook that went up shortly before the incident, Christensen made reference to an alleged domestic disturbance that had taken place two weeks previously. According to the post, Christensen had been jailed following the alleged altercation, and while he proclaimed his innocence, he also stated that the incident had damaged his reputation and he believed he would lose his job.

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