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Man masturbates while looking at phone inside metro


Man masturbates inside Delhi metro, DCW chief issues notice to cops

In the video, a man is observed masturbating, despite the presence of a female passenger beside him.

A disturbing video of a man masturbating inside a Delhi metro compartment has gone viral on social media. In the clip, the man can be seen masturbating, despite the presence of other passengers beside him. The female passenger sitting beside the man is visibly disturbed by his behaviour, and the video of the incident was recorded by another commuter.

A male passenger sitting a couple of seats away appears to be ignoring the man’s inappropriate behaviour. On the other hand, the person filming the video does not appear to be intervening to stop the perpetrator from engaging in such a reprehensible act. Later, the man is seen continuing to masturbate even when there are no passengers near him.

The video has sparked a range of reactions on Twitter, with many condemning the man for his public behaviour.

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Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Commission for Women, expressed strong criticism in response to the video on Friday. Maliwal took a firm position on the matter and issued a notice to the Delhi Police and Delhi Metro, calling for the most severe measures to be taken against the disgraceful behaviour.

“Came across a viral video where a man can be seen shamelessly masturbating in Delhi Metro. It is absolutely disgusting and sickening. I am issuing a notice to Delhi Police and Delhi Metro to ensure the strictest possible action against this shameful act,” she tweeted.

This is not the first instance of a man masturbating in public. A police officer in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh was suspended in 2020 after he was recorded masturbating in front of a woman in a police station. According to a IANS, the woman used a hidden camera to record the incident. The Superintendent of Police in Deoria stated that an FIR had been lodged against the officer and he had been suspended.

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