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Gujarat man arrested for sharing BSF secrets with Pakistani spy


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A man from Gujarat has been apprehended by the Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) for engaging in discussions regarding the Border Security Force (BSF) with a Pakistani spy.

The individual in question, Nilesh Balia, was employed on a contractual basis at a CPWD office situated within the premises of the BSF headquarters in Bhuj.

The alleged exchange of sensitive information took place through WhatsApp, with the spy using the pseudonym “Aditi Tiwari”.

According to the ATS, Balia established contact with the Pakistani agent in January and purportedly developed a romantic attachment to her.

Tiwari, who claimed to work for a corporate organization, requested specific details pertaining to the BSF and the border region.

Subsequently, Balia began sharing confidential documents related to ongoing and completed electrification projects at various BSF buildings, as well as certain civil department records.

ATS officials disclosed that Balia received a total sum of Rs 28,800 via UPI platforms, including PayTM. The ATS intends to scrutinize Balia’s phone and bank accounts to investigate any other individuals he may have been in contact with.

As of now, authorities have identified eight suspicious transactions and are examining associated UPI IDs and other relevant particulars.

Despite Balia activating the “disappearing messages” feature on WhatsApp, which automatically deletes chat history, investigators managed to retrieve all the details.

Balia and Tiwari communicated with each other outside of office hours and engaged in conversations over the phone.

Prompted by a tip-off regarding Balia’s activities, the ATS placed him under surveillance and conducted a thorough examination of his phone records and bank accounts prior to summoning him for questioning.

Consequently, Balia has been charged under relevant IPC sections.


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