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What is it? A Molyneux-free 2D generational life sim RPG.
Expect to pay $25/£20
Developer Pixel Count Studios
Pixel Count Studios
Reviewed on AMD Aerith 0405 2.8 GHz; AMD Van Gogh 0405 GPU, 16GB RAM (Steam Deck 256GB)
Multiplayer? No
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The problem with a game like Kynseed is that it’s nearly impossible to actually finish. That doesn’t mean there’s no end-state, just that there’s such a long lead-time between when you start and when you could conceivably finish doing any and everything the game has to offer. It is a jam-packed game that combines life simulator elements from Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley with western RPGs like Fable and The Elder Scrolls, and it pulls both off pretty well.

Kynseed’s whole premise relies on some of the most basic English folk and fairy-tales for its narrative hooks. In the land of Quill, you and your sibling are one of many pairs of twins who live with the Old Woman Who Lives In A Shoe—until, one day, your heretofore unmentioned Uncle Bill comes and whisks you away to his farm in Quill’s southern vale. In the meantime, you and your twin begin having spooky dreams involving a rabbit-like fairy named Mr. Fairweather.

(Image credit: PixelCount Studios)

The prologue pushes players to explore the vale, completing tasks for villagers in Candlewych Village, poking through the ancient wreckage of Cuckoo Wood and Mosswhisper Ruin, and learning about all the little rituals vale-dwellers complete to satisfy their three goddesses: Druida, Morwenna and Hyalis. Keen-eyed players will quickly come to learn that not all is as peaceful or idyllic as everyone would have you believe, and, of course, this all ties in with the mystery of the eponymous Kynseed. 

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