Kundali Bhagya actor Manit Joura was among the hundreds of people who lost their homes in the demolition of the Noida twin towers last week. The actor’s father owned two flats in the Supertech towers, which he bought in 2011 and 2013. In an interview, Manit opened up about losing a hefty amount of money along with their hopes of having a perfect home.

Speaking to ETimes, the actor shared that they did not know there was a case against the builders pertaining to the construction. He added that they had hired a lawyer and filed a case against them eight years ago, adding that they wanted their money back. Manit said that he would feel guilty seeing his father involved in a court case at his age.

The Naagin 6 actor further shared how, like most Indians, buying a flat was an emotional moment for his family. “My father had dreamt of having a nice place at a good location, but that didn’t happen,” he shared, adding that while the Supreme Court had ordered the builders to pay the buyers an interest on the amount given, they did not do so. This led them to lose quite a lot of money.


Even after the ordeal, the actor supported the demolition and shared that the ‘back and forth’ on the case was a nightmare for him and his family. He said that the action can set an example for other builders.

Expressing his anguish, the actor added, “It was painful. I didn’t even see the video of the demolition and didn’t speak to my parents about it.” He added that while they have received some amount from builders, he is not happy given they had paid a bigger amount. However, he added, “I may not be happy with the amount, but considering the uncertainty and the pain we all went through, I am relieved that it’s all over.” Manit Joura concluded that the family had now made peace with it and moved on.

The twin towers were reduced to rubble on August 28 for violating set rules, building regulations, and fire safety norms.

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