The Good Burger 2 announcement sent fans of the original film into a frenzy after stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell had teased the return of Ed and his Good Burger crew. There hasn’t been much news since Thompson revealed the much-delayed sequel was happening a few months ago. Well, the movie duo’s other half Mitchell opened up about where the follow-up is in the production process. The All That alum offered an exciting update about reteaming with his close friend.

The comedic actor was promoting his upcoming projects during his interview on the Jemele Hill is Unbothered podcast. Following a lack of updates, host Jemele Hill pressed Mitchell on the status of Good Burger 2. After mentioning Thompson was the one who spilled the long-delayed sequel news prematurely, the Mystery Men star gave an unexpected update on the film’s script with a surprise development.

We did the table read recently, about two weeks ago at Paramount. We have been working on Good Burger 2 for a while. What was important to us is that the story is great, the script is great. We wanted people to feel like it’s just as enjoyable as part one. I can say this: that it is. I can say that the script is amazing. We are super excited about it.

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