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Congress Overtakes BJP In Yadgir


Karnataka Yadgir Election Result 2023 Live updates: Check latest news live coverage Yadgir District Election, Vote Counting, Assembly Election Candidates, MLA Seats, Winners List from BJP, Congress, JDS and more on

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LIVE Karnataka Election Result 2023: Counting of Votes For Shorapur (ST), Shahapur, Yadgir, Gurmitkal To Begin at 8 AM.(Photo Credit:

Karnataka Election LIVE updates: After much political effervescence in the tightly-contested assembly elections in politically crucial Karnataka, all eyes are on the counting of votes on Saturday when the results will be declared. In other words, the counting of votes for the Karnataka Assembly Election 2023 will begin today at 8 AM. According to the Election Commission’s (EC) schedule of events, voting in the state was held on May 10, 2023. The winning party must have 113 seats to form the Government in Karnataka out of 224 seats. Polling was held across 58,545 polling stations to elect the members in the 224-seat Karnataka Legislative Assembly. This time, the electoral battle in Karnataka will see a triangular contest between the ruling BJP, the opposition Congress and Janata Dal Secular(JDS). As per the exit poll conducted by  Zee news-Matrize Survey poll, the Congress Party is likely to sweep the Karnataka Assembly Election 2023. The exit polls predict that Congress would get 103-118 seats, the BJP 79-94, and JDS 25-33. In terms of vote share, Congress is expected to get 41 per cent, BJP 36 per cent, and JDS 17 per cent. Stay Tuned With For all the latest updates on Shorapur (ST), Shahapur, Yadgir, and Gurmitkal Counting updates. Find out who will be the winners, losers, victory margin, and all other details during our special election result coverage.

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