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Kailyn Lowry: Answers to All of Your Questions About the Mysterious Mother of FIVE!


Kailyn Lowry has lived her entire adult life as a public figure — and yet, she’s managed to keep quite a few secrets to herself.

For example, outside of her inner circle, no one knows how many children Kail is currently raising!

Many fans believe that Lowry welcomed a fifth child in December of 2022, but the former reality star has neither confirmed nor denied those reports.

Kail has retired from the world of reality TV, but as the host of several popular podcasts, she still makes her living spilling tea about her personal life.

Kailyn Lowry in 2022
Kailyn Lowry is pictured here on an episode of Teen Mom 2, courtesy of an installment that aired in 2022. (Photo Credit: MTV)

In a way, it’s quite impressive that Lowry has managed to make her fans feel that they know her intimately, despite the fact that she consistently keeps them at arm’s length.

“Enigmatic” is not a term that’s often used in reference to podcasters and former reality stars, but it certainly applies in Lowry’s case.

These days, the Teen Mom-loving (and -hating) public has a lot of questions about Kail and, folks, we’ve got answers.

So without further ado …

Kailyn Lowry Flips the Bird
How does Kailyn Lowry feel about invasions of privacy? We think this photo sums it up. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Answers to the Most Common Questions About Kailyn Lowry

We’ll begin with the most important query of all.

Although if you watched Kail on Teen Mom 2 for a decade, and you currently listen to her many podcasts, then you can probably skip this section:

GettyImages 1490453028
Kailyn Lowry attends the 27th Annual Webby Awards in New York City. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Who Is Kailyn Lowry?

Kailyn Lowry is a former MTV star and current host of several podcasts, including “Coffee Convos” and “Barely Famous.”

She’s spent most of her life in the spotlight, having first gained fame way back in 2010.

At just 17 years old, the Nazareth, Pennsylvania native got pregnant by then-boyfriend Jo Rivera, a fact that prompted a team of producers to travel to her hometown and shoot an episode of the controversial series 16 and Pregnant that centered entirely on Kail.

Months later, MTV announced that Kail was one of four alums from the show’s second season who had been chosen to star in Teen Mom 2, the latest installment in a wildly popular and rapidly growing franchise.

Screenshot 2023 05 18 at 1.53.35 PM
At the time she posted this photo, some fans thought Kailyn Lowry had been hiding a baby bump. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The rest, as they say, is history.

Kail’s camera presence was matched only by her talent for making babies, and in her first years as a reality star, there was never a dull moment for the girl from Nazareth.

She feuded with her castmates, got married, got divorced, and welcomed an indeterminate number of kids.

Kail has been through more ups and downs than a dozen Real Housewives, which can make it hard to wrap your head around the fact that she’s still quite young.

0324 kailynlowry 02
Kailyn Lowry looks beautiful and very warm in this beach selfie during her Thailand trip. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

How Old Is Kailyn Lowry?

Kailyn Lowry was born on March 1, 1992, which makes her 31 years old at present.

She endured a tumultuous childhood, and her family failed to support her during her first pregnancy.

These days, of course, Kail is having the last laugh.

Not only has she built a one-woman media empire, she’s created a household in which loving kindness is never in short supply.

Screen Shot 2022 10 28 at 5.41.43 PM
Kailyn Lowry hosts several popular podcasts. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

How Many Kids Does Kailyn Lowry Have?

Officially, Kailyn Lowry only has four kids, but there’s reason to believe that she’s secretly a mother of five.

In fact, some believe that Lowry is currently pregnant with her sixth child — more on that later.

Yes, you’ve officially entered the controversial portion of Kail’s bio.

Welcome, and put on your tinfoil hat, because things are about to get weird!

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry Reveals Which Her 4 Sons Is Hardest Parent 0002
Kailyn Lowry has four sons (that we know of). Here she is with the oldest, Isaac. (Instagram)

The established facts are as follows:

Kail had a child by Jo Rivera, a boy named Isaac, while she was still in her teens.

Lowry later married Javi Marroquin and together, they had another a boy named Lincoln, who arrived in 2015.

The marriage didn’t last long, and despite many occasions when it looked as though Kailyn and Javi had reconciled, the exes eventually went their separate ways for good.

Kailyn & Javi In 2021
Kailyn Lowry still spends a LOT of time with Javi Marroquin. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Shortly after she parted ways with Javi, Lowry got involved with a man named Chris Lopez.

Actually, Kailyn has confessed to cheating on Javi with Chris, so we guess there was a bit of overlap there!

Anyway, it wasn’t long before Lowry was expecting a kid with Lopez, but the relationship went south while she was still pregnant.

In Celebration of Lux
Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry in happier times. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Things got so bad, that Lopez demanded a paternity test before he would acknowledge the kid as his own.

On August 5, 2017, Kail welcomed a son named Lux Russell, and though she and Chris were very much on the outs at the time of the boy’s birth, it seems they just couldn’t keep away from one another.

Three years later, they welcomed another boy, this one with the memorable name of Creed Romello.

Kailyn and Creed
Kailyn Lowry cradles son Creed in this photo. He is a certifiable cutie, isn’t he? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The relationship deteriorated even further in the years that followed, and Lowry recently accused Lopez of assaulting her.

He denies the allegations, but admits that he’s confused as to why Kailyn decided to have two kids with him, despite the fact that their relationship was combative from the start.

Fortunately, it seems that she won’t be making that mistake again.

Kailyn with Chris
Kailyn and Chris Lopez have two children together. We’re guessing they won’t be having any more. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Lowry is rumored to have welcomed a fifth child — another boy! — in November of last year.

Conspiracy theorists can’t agree on the name, though Nixon Maxwell seems to be the top candidate.

Fortunately, everyone concurs that Chris is almost certainly not the father.

Chris Lopez Defends Kailyn Lowry Against Angry, Body-Shaming Twitter Mob
Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez had a very, very tumultuous relationship. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Who Is Kailyn Lowry Dating?

These days, Kailyn Lowry appears to be dating a man named Elijah Scott.

Kail and Elijah became neighbors after she took up residence in her sprawling mansion in Delaware, and it seems their relationship quickly progressed from friendship to something more serious.

Fans suspect that Elijah and Kail are now living together, but she has yet to confirm as much.

Kail and Elijah
Kail Lowry with boyfriend Elijah Scott in 2022. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

And of course, there are many who believe that Scott is the father of Lowry’s fifth child.

Some theorists are taking things a step further by insisting that Kailyn is pregnant with a second child by Elijah, which would be her sixth overall.

And that brings us to our next commonly asked question:

Screenshot 2023 06 19 at 1.25.57 PM
Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera share a son and a perpetual bond. They get along well these days. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

How Many Baby Daddies Does Kailyn Lowry Have?

Officially, Kailyn Lowry has four sons by three different fathers.

But if you’ve read this far, you know that the truth of her situation might be far more complex than that.

If the conspiracy theorists are correct, then Kail now has five children by four men, with Elijah being the most recent father.

Screenshot 2023 06 14 at 8.04.43 PM
Kailyn Lowry poses with four of her children in 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

But that’s all speculation, and all we know for certain at the moment is that Kail had her first son, Isaac, by Jo Rivera when she was just 17.

She had, another son, Lincoln, by Javi Marroquin at 21.

Four years later, Kail welcomed her third child, a boy named Lux, who was followed by another son, Creed, three years later.

Chris Lopez is the father of both of Kail’s youngest two boys.

Lopez-Lowry Fight
Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez have gotten into several blow-out fights. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Lopez, of course, has been a less than ideal co-parent, and Lowry has admitted that she nearly got an abortion while she was pregnant with Creed because she was so upset by the idea of having another kid with Chris.

Kailyn later got a restraining order against Chris, and she’s been open about the fact that he physically assaulted her during their relationship.

Lopez has admitted to getting physical with Kail, but he claims she was the aggressor.

0324 kailynlowry 02
Kailyn Lowry looks beautiful and very warm in this beach selfie during her Thailand trip. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Is Kailyn Lowry Still Feuding With Her Ex-Castmates?

Kailyn Lowry has feuded with several of her Teen Mom 2 castmates over the years, most notably Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus.

At one point, Lowry actually sued DeJesus for defamation of character, but the suit wound up getting tossed out of court.

Kailyn engaged in a years-long war of words with Jenelle, but she eventually extended an olive branch by sending Evans several items from her signature haircare line.

Jenelle Evans in TikTok Video
Jenelle Evans reacts here on TikTok to losing out on a supposedly major endorsement deal. (Photo Credit: TikTok)

In her usual mature fashion, Jenelle set fire to the gifts.

At one point, Lowry was close friends with Leah Messer, and the reality stars took several vacations together.

These days, the friendship seems to have soured, possibly because Leah buddied up to Briana.

But as you’ll soon see, in the end, Kail had the last laugh …

Kail & Leah on Vacation
Leah Messer once posted some pics of Kailyn Lowry as a tribute on her friend’s birthday. And some fans thought Leah chose unflattering pics on purpose. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

What is Kailyn Lowry’s Net Worth?

Kailyn Lowry’s net worth is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $2 million.

Lowry no longer appears on MTV, but as host of several successful podcasts, she’s basically the founder of a one-woman media empire.

Not bad for a woman who was raised in poverty by an unsupportive, alcoholic mother.

Kailyn on the Roof
Kail poses on a roof in this photo from 2022. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Is Kailyn Lowry Pregnant?

These days, fans desperately want to know if Kailyn Lowry is expecting, but for all the scrutiny of her Instagram posts, we won’t know for sure until she confirms or denies the rumors herself.

And given how secretive she’s been about her private life in recent months, that might not happen for a very long time.

Officially, Kail is still a mother of four, which brings us to a very bizarre and very persistent rumor about the popular podcast host.

Kailyn with Lincoln
Kailyn Lowry stops here and smiles with son Lincoln. Cute stuff, right? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Did Kailyn Lowry’s Son Lincoln Pass Away?

Despite rumors to the contrary, Kailyn Lowry’s son Lincoln is still alive and well.

We’re not sure how or why certain segments of the Teen Mom fandom believe that the boy met with some kind of tragedy, but the reports of his passing are 100 percent false.

We’re sure it’s upsetting for Kail to see people talking about such upsetting things on social media.

But she’s been famous for so long that she’s probably gotten used to people spreading outrageous lies about her life.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you to separate the truth from the nonsense when it comes to Kail.


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