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June Shannon, In Retrospect, Regrets Blowing $1 Million on Cocaine

Everyone makes mistakes. Some are worse than others. And some have consequences that haunt you for life.

Mama June Shannon has made mistakes over the years. Some cost her family relationships, others her original reality TV career.

And she also blew (among other things) over $1 million in a very short time … erasing her entire net worth on drugs. Much of it, specifically, on crack.

If she had the chance to do it all over again, June says that she would make different choices.

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With the new season of Mama June: Family Crisis underway, June Shannon gave a somber interview about her eldest daughter’s cancer battle. (Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight)

Recently, June Shannon spoke to The Daily Mail about a hypothetical:

What would she, in 2023, say to herself if she could reach out to her past self when she was at her lowest point with substance abuse?

“Girl, what the hell are you doing spending all that damn money?” June replied.

Mama June From Not To Hot June Shannon 720
June Shannon can’t seem to get away from trouble in her life. We really do wish her well!

“I say that a lot to my husband [Justin Stroud],” June continued.

“I would be like, ‘”‘Man, why in the hell did I blow all that money?’” she admitted. “I am always thinking about that.”

June went on: “I think about a lot of things I could do with that money. My husband tells me all the time that I can’t dwell on it.”

June Shannon, Husband
June Shannon and her husband show off their hardware. (Photo via Instagram)

Despite her husband’s advice, June admitted that she still has moments in which she hates herself over those devastating mistakes.

“I don’t remember like a lot of that time frame,” June confessed. “Just bits and pieces and stuff.”

She then summarized: “But the biggest, stupidest thing I’ve done is spend that much money on drugs.”

June Shannon Looks Sad
June Shannon has had a difficult couple of years. But it seems she’s very optimistic about 2023! (Photo via WeTV)

Infamously, June did more than just empty her accounts at an alarming rate. (So alarming that the family filed legal documents to ensure that she could not touch Alana’s money)

She also sold off her furniture, and even things that belonged to other people — from personal possessions to her daughter’s car.

And after causing increasing damage outside and inside, she sold her once pricey home for a fraction of its previous value.

June Shannon Bawls
June Shannon cries in a terrifying trailer for her We TV series. Things got very ugly before they go better.

“Now I’ve gone back to being like penny pinching, and Justin tells me I’m a money hoarder,” June joked.

In addition to spending as much as $3,000 a day on drugs, June also dealt lasting harm.

At first, she was snorting cocaine. When that damaged her vision too much (at it was already not great), she switched to smoking crack cocaine.

Mama June Shannon and Justin Stroud
June Shannon poses with husband Justin Stroud.(Photo via Instagram)

June has now been sober for three years. But that doesn’t mean that she is out of the woods.

In addition to trying to rebuild her finances, she is also struggling with numerous health issues. Her headaches and dizziness were so bad that she had to go to the hospital last year.

With no diagnosis, however, June worries that she is facing judgment for her substance abuse. That is a real problem in medical circles, and we hope that it is not actively preventing her from getting a diagnosis and solutions to her health problems.

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