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Julia Trubkina to 90 Day Fiance Fans: STOP Asking “When” We’re Having Kids!

Between Julia Trubkina’s visa issues and getting robbed, not all of her time in America has been the stuff of dreams.

(And that’s saying nothing of her unenviable mother-in-law situation)

She came here for Brandon, her husband. He is the love of her life, and they’re together.

There is one question that Julia is sick and tired of people asking. If fans are wondering “when” they’re going to have kids, they might be asking the wrong question altogether.

0511 juliatrubkina brandongibbs 01
In May of 2023, Julia Trubkina took to social media to share this photo of herself and husband Brandon Gibbs. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

On Wednesday, May 10, Julia Trubkina used her Instagram caption to address this aggravating fan question.

“This is the first time I want to start talking about it,” she began. Her weariness was already apparent.

“3 years from marriage or 10 years,” she noted, “it does not oblige anyone to have children.”

Julia Trubkina: I'm Not a 90 Day Fiance Villain! Probably

“We didn’t try to make children,” Julia wrote. “We didn’t have that goal.”

In other words, it’s super weird for people to be asking if they’ve been trying to have a kid. Whose business is that?

“I think the time when people decide that they want children,” Julia suggested, “should not depend on society or stereotypes.”

Julia Trubkina characterizes how people react to her baby plans

“We may never have children,” Julia then suggested.

She reminded her fans and followers that “no one knows what’s going on with us.”

Julia added that right “now we are solving important questions about the future.”

0511 juliatrubkina ig 01
Julia Trubkina used this May 2023 caption to discourse people from asking nosy questions about “when” she and her husband will have kids. Some folks have no boundaries, but sorely need them. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“And I will deal with my health issues,” Julia commented without going into detail.

“Also I’m need to work out the problems about children in [my] head,” she remarked. Not everyone is good with kids or has childcare experience.

Julia concluded by reminding everyone that “in general, everything is gradual.” Very true!

julia trubkina we not use condoms

Julia made some very solid points here. The one thing that we will say is that some people may have simply misunderstood their paste statements.

Though it was never our business, Julia and Brandon did share that they weren’t using condoms. (A lot of people, especially committed couples, dislike using them)

It may be that some viewers just jumped to the conclusion that they were trying for a baby. But … even if it was just an honest mistake, the question is impertinent. And makes weird assumptions.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina signed the lease

See, asking “when” a couple is going to have kids is weird and intrusive. And it also assumes that having children is all but inevitable.

Asking the question can mean crushing the spirit of someone who has struggled to conceive or who knows that they cannot.

And plenty of people have no intention of ever having kids. Yes, including married straight couples. Not everyone has kids. It’s optional.

Brandon Gibbs mom Betty explains yes, she's really that pushy

Some of Julia’s fans are already speculating that she’s not talking about followers so much as she is about her nightmarish in-laws.

But while her caption might be one hell of a vaguepost aimed at Betty Gibbs … well, there’s no guarantee that it would work.

This is a woman whose response to “we do not want a wedding party” is to throw the bridge and groom a party against their will and lure them there under false pretenses. It might take more than a subtweet or whatever to get the message across. If she’s even the intended target.

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