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Teenage student Janvi commits suicide after being harassed by coconut vendor Aman Khatik

On Thursday, May 11, the Indore police informed that a class 12 student identified as Janvi committed suicide in the Hamilton Road neighbourhood in Indore. She was found hanging by one of her family members on Wednesday night. The family alleged that the 18-year-old girl was pushed to take extreme steps after she was harassed and threatened by a coconut vendor named Aman Khatik.

According to investigating officer SI Tina Shukla of the MG Road police station, an 18-year-old woman was discovered hanging at her home in the Hamilton Road area in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. She just got back from her sister’s home in Pune and was awaiting the results of her 12th board examination.

The police said that the reason she took such a drastic step could not be established yet because no suicide note was found at the scene. Police are recording family members’ statements to ascertain what pushed her to end her life.

The teenager’s father Devendra Nachan, who is a dog trainer by profession and runs and dog and dog accessories store in Shivaji Market, alleged that a coconut seller was harassing his daughter for a few days due to which she was upset. He alleged that Aman Khatik, who sells coconut water in front of the Rambagh petrol pump, would also threaten her over the phone. He used to follow Janvi while going to school and had even reached her school.

He news/allegations-on-coconut-water-seller-complaint-was-made-earlier-also-131270353.html”>said that he had filed a complaint against him at the Central Kotwali police station after receiving a call from the school about Aman’s presence there, but refrained from registering an FIR fearing it will hurt the girl’s reputation. Accordingly, the police let him go with a warning. The father also went to Aman’s house to ask him to stop harassing his daughter. But despite all these, he continued to harass the girl.

Fed up with the harassment, she eventually took the extreme step, he said. According to him, on Wednesday evening, his wife Yamini was talking to their daughter Vaishnavi. During this, Jhanvi went to the room. When she didn’t return for a long time, they went to her room, and found her hanging.

The police initiated an inquiry after receiving a complaint from the victim’s family. The teenager’s phone was also recovered by police. Though the accused have not yet been detained, the police have stated that they are thoroughly examining the case and that any further action would be taken based on the facts that emerge.

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