Are you wondering how get increase inventory upgrades in The Callisto Protocol? If you’ve scavenged just about everything in the monster-infested space prison, chances are that you’ve quickly maxed out your storage space and can’t take anything else because, to begin with, you’re limited to six items at once. Item management is vital to your survival, as if you just have a bunch of sellable scraps, you won’t have room for more bullets for your guns or health kits to heal particularly nasty wounds.

To save yourself from backtracking to the last reforger to sell your recently acquired junk – such as energy converters, decoders, and even Callisto Protocol weapons schematics – inventory space is vital. The good news is that you can get inventory upgrades in The Callisto Protocol, or rather one inventory upgrade, but it takes a while to get to that point in this contender for one of the best horror games. Here’s everything you need to know about increasing your inventory size and, as a result, earning more credits for the best Callisto Protocol upgrades.

How to increase The Callisto Protocol inventory size

While the good news is that you can upgrade your inventory, the bad news is that it’s scripted, and you can’t do it for a good while. During the campaign, you’ll reach a chapter called Lost. It’s partway through this section of the game where you get an upgrade to your spacesuit, which is when you get more space to store items.

Unfortunately, this will add only a handful of segments to your current inventory slots – doubling it from six to 12- so you’ll need to occasionally backtrack to sell any junk items for additional Callisto Protocol credits.

Once you’ve picked up the inventory upgrade for The Callisto Protocol, a contender for one of the best PC games this year, we’re pretty sure you have other rather specific questions. If so, we may have the answers you seek, such as how long The Callisto Protocol is and whether there is Callisto Protocol new game plus, as well as some boss tips for both the two-head boss and the final boss of the space game. Oh, and if you’ve been wondering how to save the trapped worker, you can wonder no more.

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