We are currently living in an era dominated by the Fast Internet and means of communication of all types. There might be no place where there isn’t internet or Network connectivity. The Internet has rapidly become one of the daily basic needs of every human being and the greatest means of communication to use it, of course, it’s a smartphone. However, sometimes, the internet isn’t reliable and we depend on mobile Networks that lets us connect with people and use the internet without Wi-Fi. So, in this article, we will learn How To Activate Mobile Internet in Ncell, NTC, and Smart Cell.

Currently, NTC and Ncell are two of the giant Telecommunication service providers in Nepal and there’s no other company that can dare to rival them. But, Smart Cell took the step and entered as a Telecommunication service provider in Nepal. Smart Cell has successfully created its own audience by targeting a specific group of people and providing mind-bobbling offers.

Hence, this has pushed NTC as well as Ncell to launch new offers and of course, decreased the price of its Data Packs. You can use fast 4G Speed Internet in all of these three. You surely own a SIM Card of any one of these, so, let’s take a look at How to activate mobile internet in Ncell, NTC, and Smart Cell.

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How To Activate Mobile Internet in Ncell, NTC, and Smart Cell

To make the article simple to read and understand, we have broken down the steps of each Telecoms separately. Furthermore, the process has been tested by us and has worked successfully. The same should go for you. Now let’s crack the process individually.

How To Activate Mobile Internet in Ncell

There are four ways to activate mobile internet if you are a Ncell user. However, the new Ncell SIM cards come with internet activated but if you don’t have internet activated or else it has stopped working mid-way, you can follow any of these methods.

  • Type ‘A’ and send SMS to 900224. (Way 1: Automatic)
  • Type ‘ALL’ and send SMS to 9595 and save setting. (Way 2: Automatic)
  • Dial *324# and follow the insturctions provided. (Way 3: Automatic)
  • Configure APN Manually.

The very first way to activate mobile internet in Ncell is by simply typing ‘A’ in the SMS box and sending it to 900224. After this, you will receive an SMS with internet settings. All you have to do is press the save button and all those settings will be saved and mobile internet will be activated.

The second way is also the same. Just type ‘ALL’ and send SMS to ‘9595’. You will receive similar SMS with internet settings and all you have to do is press the save button. After this mobile internet will be activated. The third way is also pretty much similar. All you have to do is dial ‘*324#’ and follow the instructions provided. It’s that simple.

Configure APN Setting for Ncell

However, ff all of that three automatic way doesn’t help you activate mobile internet then this one will be of great help. It’s old school manual process but still effective than ever. Plus, it’s a compulsory step for Activating mobile internet. Just follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings of your phone.
  • Then go to Network Settings or Mobile Data option.
  • Now, go to Mobile Network.
  • Scroll and choose Access Point Name (APN).
  • Simply put name to Ncell and APN to Web.
  • Now, save the settings.
  • Click on Activate.
  • Just turn on Mobile Data and enjoy web surfing.

First of all, go to the Settings of your phone. After this go to Network Settings or Mobile Data option and then to Mobile Network option. After this, just scroll and find Access Point Name (APN). Put the name to ‘Ncell’ and APN to ‘Web’. Thereafter, save settings and then press activate the button. Boom, now you just turn on Mobile Data and start surfing the internet. This is how to activate mobile internet in Ncell.

Also, recently, Ncell has come up with offers like Pahilo SIM for SEE Students. Likewise, Ncell regularly updates and comes up with new Data Pack Offers that you can avail fruit from. So, cling to us to know about Ncell’s new offers. For more information, visit Ncell Official Website.

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How To Activate Mobile Internet in NTC

We are done with Ncell, so, now let’s talk about NTC. Activating mobile internet in NTC is also very easy. However, firstly, you should register for the Mobile Internet. Newly SIM Cards mostly come with everything registered but if you have a different case then these methods might be of help to you.

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