Since he took the world by storm as a stand-up comedian, Kevin Hart has more than secured his place on the Hollywood A-list. It seems that barely a week can go by without the comedian making his way into a new film. He has portrayed a secret agent and an accidental assassin. In the new Jumanji films, Hart bumbled his way through a hostile jungle, and in DC’s animated film The Secret Life of Pets, he gave voice to an adorable little bunny rabbit.

Netflix’s Me Time, if nothing else, is undoubtedly a Kevin Hart film. It is predictable, sure, but with a lot of heart and laughs along the way. The movie, written and directed by John Hamburg (I Love You, Man, Why Him?), follows Hart’s character Sonny Fisher as he reconnects with his best friend from his younger years, Huck, played by Mark Wahlberg.


Sonny, a stay-at-home dad, finally gets a few days to himself and decides to attend Huck’s wild 44th birthday bash. Along the way, two wildly different men find themselves in many strange situations and leave audiences rolling with laughter. These are the funniest moments in Me Time.

The Big Dog Takes on an Even Bigger (Mountain) Cat

Though he is initially hesitant, after a number of ill-fated exploits into the world of self-care, including overindulging on barbecued meats and accidentally stumbling upon his babysitter at a gentleman’s club, Sonny finally relents, agreeing to attend Huck’s birthday party. The party takes place in a remote Californian desert. Much to Sonny’s chagrin, one of the first activities that party-goers participate in is foraging for their own lunch.

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An irritated Sonny climbs a large, rocky hill in search of food. Instead of natural vittles, he finds a mountain lion cub and begins to cuddle it. In an interview with Coming Soon, director John Hamburg revealed that the cub was very much real, complete with tiny, terrifying claws, which Hart was none too pleased about.

Though the lion cub is harmless enough, its mother, revealed to have been skulking around a nearby outcropping of rocks, is less forgiving. A heart-pounding chase ensues, culminating in Sonny stabbing the lion with his son’s EpiPen, inspiring Huck to give him the nickname Big Dog. However, when Sonny turns around, audiences get to see a massive claw wound on his back, a shocking yet somehow giggle-inducing reveal.

Huck and Sonny Get Petty and Trash Armando’s Mansion

Sonny is insecure about his role as a stay-at-home dad. He is particularly jealous of the exorbitantly wealthy Armando, portrayed by Luis Gerardo Méndez (Charlie’s Angels, Narcos: Mexico), who is his wife’s boss. After Huck’s party falls apart due to some outstanding debts, in a moment of rage, the two men (along with their Uber driver) decide to trash Armando’s house in order to reclaim some sense of power.

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Though they leave the house in a state of disarray, some of their tactics are laughably petty. They dump all of Armando’s seasonings in the trash and crank up the heat on his temperature-controlled wine rack. Later, Sonny leaves a surprise on the millionaire’s bed, a certain bodily leaving that will not be named here. As they attempt to flee the house, they accidentally run over Armando’s pet tortoise, setting up another hilarious scene.

Andrew Santino’s Enture Performance as the Hilarious Alan Geller

Undoubtedly, the funniest character in Me Time is Alan Geller, who is portrayed by comedian Andrew Santino (The Disaster Artist, Dave). Geller always pops up at exactly the right moments, and he is always ready to drop the perfect one-liner. He is always roasting Sonny, and it is precisely these clever insults that inspire Sonny to step outside his comfort zone to reconnect with Huck in the first place.

Near the end of the film, Alan shows up at Sonny’s home, where Huck’s birthday party was eventually relocated. He is seen snorting lines of a mysterious white powder, which turns out to be his son’s ADHD medication. When he gets a little too overstimulated, he decides to go and play with the LEGO models that Sonny’s son has up in his room, ultimately shattering the heartbroken boy’s Death Star replica into innumerable pieces.

Me Time played out like a lot of other Kevin Hart movies, but honestly, that’s okay! Anyone who sat through this buddy comedy stone-faced is true without humor. Mark Wahlberg was an excellent compliment to Hart’s comedic styling, as he always has a way of creating characters that initially seem capable but are soon revealed to be hapless.

If you’re looking for a bit of time to yourself, log on to Netflix and check this flick out and be prepared to laugh.

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