Don’t worry, the funds are coming.


Many of us saw it coming, but Google Stadia is dead and will officially shut down in January of 2023. The company quickly announced that refunds were on the way, and now they’ve started the difficult process of reaching out to users that didn’t get a refund or had it declined.

If you happened to switch banks, have an expired credit card, or any other issue that caused the Google Stadia refund to decline, Google is still trying to send you your money. So, if you haven’t received a refund, here’s how to get it.

For starters, look for an email with a subject line that reads, “Google: Unable to complete refund.” You’ll use this email to move the process along and hopefully get some cash from Google.

If you didn’t get a refund yet, wait for this email, then open it and follow the on-screen instructions to update your payment information. You’ll be redirected to Google’s payment portal to update or confirm your payment info on file. Here, you can select which payment type you’d like to receive the refund, whether that’s a debit card on file or a new account. Stadia users can even accept it in the form of Google Play Store credit.

And while you may receive a pop-up with some sort of refund timeline, Google’s original statements suggest most users can expect the refund to arrive early next year.

As a reminder, players will continue to have access to their games library until January 18th, 2023, to complete any games or sessions.

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