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Saif Qureshi arrested for cleaning chicken with the national flag


On Friday, April 21, a man named Mohammad Saif Qureshi has been arrested by the police for cleaning chicken with the Indian national flag in Silvassa of Dadar and Nagar Haveli. This comes after a video of 21-year-old Mohammad Saif Qureshi cleaning chicken at a meat shop named Apna Chicken Shop in Silvassa’s Bavisa Faliya went viral on social media and sparked outrage. It is said that a person passing by noticed the accused cleaning chicken with the national tricolour, after this, he recorded it and uploaded the video of the incident on social media and sought action.

Following this, the Silvassa Police reportedly arrived at Bavisa Faliya and arrested accused Saif Qureshi at night. The accused was produced before the court on Friday following which the police initiated the process to move into the sub-jail. It has been reported that Apna Meat Shop was sealed by the municipality. The shop is owned by a person named Hashim Qureshi. 

Flag Code 2002

According to the Indian Flag Code, 2002, there are two ways to dispose of a torn or damaged national flag – burning or burying it. A strict rule should also be followed while choosing any procedure. These rules are notified as follows.

The code says, “To bury the national flag, collect all the damaged flags in wooden boxes, fold them, and place them properly. Bury the box in the ground. Observe silence for a moment after the flag is buried. Another option is to cremate the flag. Choose a safe place and clean it, fold the flag, light the fire, and place the flag carefully in the centre of the flame. It is also a criminal act that the national flag is cremated without being folded properly or burnt first and later put into the fire.”

It should be noted that the national flag is a symbol of pride and its dignity should be maintained while disposing of it. Insulting the national flag is a criminal act.


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