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Growing Dissatisfaction among OnlyFans Creators Leads to Potential Exodus to Alternative Platform

Creators on the popular adult content platform, OnlyFans, are expressing their frustration online, alleging frequent content removals that are impacting their livelihoods. This has sparked discussions of a potential mass exodus from the platform. In the wake of these grievances, a new site,, is experiencing a surge in sign-ups.

Prominent OnlyFans creators such as Rowan Odubhain and Aaliyah Yasin, who boast tens of thousands of followers, have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage, claiming that their posts are being deleted without any violation of the platform’s terms of service. Fed up with the treatment, they are seeking refuge on the emerging and rapidly growing

One creator expressed frustration, stating, “I love it when OnlyFans removes a video, claiming it violates the terms of service, when it doesn’t. It’s active on my No PPV (Pay Per View) and perfectly fine! I personally reviewed the video, and it does not violate any terms of service or community guidelines.” Another creator shared their experience, revealing the response received from OnlyFans support: “When you ask them to look into the issue, they respond with a generic message stating that it violates their terms of use without providing further details. As a platform that takes a 20% cut of my earnings, they should do better and provide valid reasons for content removal instead of generic responses.”

Rae, another creator, called out OnlyFans, requesting more transparency and context regarding flagged messages. She tweeted, “Can you make it possible for us to read the full message we sent or provide us with further context? If I am not discussing topics that violate the terms of service and I am not attempting to bypass flagged words, I would appreciate more information.”

The discontent is widespread, with creators like ‘Bungabooty’ revealing that their popular videos, such as squirt videos, are being removed from OnlyFans, much to their disappointment.

Aaliyah Yasin reached out directly to OnlyFans CEO Amrapali Gan in a tweet that has gained significant attention. In her message, she expressed feeling discriminated against as a Pakistani Muslim creator and described how content was being mass-removed from her account, allegedly for violating community guidelines.

Amidst the backlash, creators are seeking long-term solutions by establishing themselves on alternative platforms. Okfans, founded by Arian Demnika, has experienced a significant surge in sign-ups over the past year. Demnika emphasizes that Okfans will never ban sexual content, in stark contrast to recent restrictions on OnlyFans.

With approximately 1,000 daily sign-ups, top creators on Okfans are reportedly earning between £8,000-40,000 ($10,000-$50,000 USD) per month. Arian is now focused on providing new tools for Okfans creators to engage with their fan base.

While Okfans gains momentum, concerns remain about the impact of OnlyFans’ restrictions on creators’ lives. The ban on sexually explicit content could result in revenue loss for creators and disrupt their ability to earn a living. Additionally, consumers may lose access to content they enjoy and are willing to pay for. OnlyFans’ popularity and widespread use make its absence a potential setback for the availability and diversity of adult content.

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