• Get your customized card with a photo from Sunrise Bank
  • Also called iCard, the card lets you secure your moment of value and joy on your debit card
  • You can submit a request for an iCard easily online

Now, you can get your customized card (iCard) with a photo from Sunrise bank. The A-class commercial bank inaugurated the feature with popular social worker Anuradha Koirala. The CNN Hero Award 2010 and Padma Shri Award 2017 winner was presented with a custom card with their own photo.

Suman Sharma, the bank’s Chief Executive Offer (CEO) handed over the customized Debit Card to Mrs. Koirala her photo printed on it.

The custom card allows people to not only get their portrait photo on it but can also stamp their memorial moments with their family and friends on it. Additionally, they can also get their creative works printed on debit cards and keep them with them every day. But it must be ensured that the image does not violate any image guidelines.

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Get your customized card with a photo from Sunrise Bank

For the photo, you can choose one of your little children or your beloved member of the family. It can also be of a particular moment so that every time you pull the card out of your pocket you will cherish it. The iCard will offer an emotional value when you get one with a photo printed on it.

The bank says interested bank customers can easily apply to get their preferred photo on their debit card. The process is online. You need to visit https://icard.sunrisebank.com.np and submit your request for the custom-made card with a photo.

Would you be eager to get a Debit Card with your photo on it? Do share in the comments below.

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