The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors offer a unique combination of performance and responsiveness, so you can conquer any task like a pro. The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processor family is the company’s most innovative platform yet. This latest gen of mobile processors has been designed to offer real-world performance that can match whatever you are doing. The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors come with a standard set of features that will take your laptop experiences to a whole new level.

Let’s tell you how 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors will deliver the ultimate premium laptop experience:

Experience the all-new performance of hybrid architecture

12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors help in saving you time and increasing your ability to do the things you want to do. It comes with two types of specialized cores—Performance cores or P-cores, which give their full attention to any heavy task and are very responsive. Another one is efficiency cores or E-cores, which give you the flexibility to multitask seamlessly and experience an unprecedented performance like never before. With the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors, you will be able to experience the power of a processor designed for real-world multitasking. So you can do all the things you do, much faster.

Comes with the latest technologies for premium laptop experiences

New 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processor-based laptops are all set to provide real-world performance at home, at work or on the go. The latest mobile processors are built to handle anything, from casual gaming to tackling other workloads, throw whatever you want, they can go everywhere and have everything. So you can do anything. The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors come with integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6E for uninterrupted and high-speed internet connectivity. It comes with DDR5 memory, so you can avail massive bandwidth for enhanced speed. You also get Thunderbolt 4, which is the most versatile port as it can power your devices, transfer data, and display a video source to an external monitor all at once and all with just one port. Incredible performance.

Whatever your task is, it’s up for every use case

There are two variations of 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors, P-series and U-series. The U-Series 10-core processor is for ultrathin and fanless laptops so that you can accelerate your office productivity on the go. The new P-series gives users the combination of the best of both worlds, i.e., enthusiast levels of performance in a thin-and-light laptop. They are purposely built to handle the most demanding compute- and graphics-intensive workflow. Designed with the experiences that matter most in mind, laptops powered by 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors offer a premium choice for everyone, be it a professional, student, creator, multitasker, streamer or casual gamer. 

12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors also feature Thread Director that makes optimal scheduling decisions for intelligently distributing workloads to the optimal cores. 

The 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors are sure to fire up the premium segment of laptops, and are all set to deliver the perfect productivity, creativity, and connectivity.


Since we have told you guys so much about 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors, it’s time we also tell you a few laptop models that are powered by these latest mobile processors.


Model Name


Aspire 3


Ideapad Slim 3


Ideapad Slim 5


HP Pavilion 15-eg2009TU


Pavilion Plus 14-eh0021TU


Vivobook 15


Vivobook S15


Vostro 5620


Inspiron 7620


Galaxy Book2


Galaxy Book2 360


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