You are currently viewing From Family Apprehensions To Temple Wedding, Here’s The Love Story Of Vidya Balan-Sidharth Roy Kapur

From Family Apprehensions To Temple Wedding, Here’s The Love Story Of Vidya Balan-Sidharth Roy Kapur


From Family Apprehensions To Temple Wedding, Here's The Love Story Of Vidya Balan-Sidharth Roy Kapur

Vidya Balan and Sidharth Roy Kapur are one of the most-loved couples in B-Town. The producer-actor duo often hit the headlines with their mushy camaraderie whenever papped together. But the secret behind their happy marital life was quite a twisted and turned path, which included severe family apprehensions to a backlog of past relationships. Take a look at their exciting love story.

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Vidya Balan met Sidharth Roy Kapur in a party


The CEO of UTV Motion Pictures, Sidharth Roy Kapur, is quite a shy, low-key person when it comes to his personal life. His darling wifey, Vidya Balan, on the contrary, is the extreme opposite of him, who is fun, friendly and quite outspoken. The first meeting of these extreme partners happened in the most curious ways, and the credit solely goes to both Vidya and Sidharth’s common friend and director, Karan Johar. In a recent interview, Vidya recollected that Karan had played Cupid for the couple and invited them to his house party. Thereafter, he ushered Sidharth to walk towards Vidya on the other side of the room and initiate the conversation. Spilling beans about that special day in her life, Vidya in an interview with the Humans Of Bombay mentioned:

“Life was bringing us together a lot at that time. We ended up at a party together at Karan’s place. Karan has played Cupid in this relationship. He invited me to a party at his house and I was a bit surprised because I didn’t really know him. I felt how sweet.”

Vidya found Sidharth charming

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For a shy man like Sidharth to walk in towards a celebrated Bollywood actress like Vidya was something exceptional and never done before. Nevertheless, it did create a positive first impression on the heart of Vidya. The couple, after attending the party at Karan Johar’s residence, also met for the second time on a flight while she was on her way to shoot her then-unreleased film, No One Killed Jessica, which was produced by Sidharth’s company, UTV Motion Pictures. Culminating both experiences, Vidya found Sidharth extremely good-looking and charming.

Wrapped up relationship for Vidya and Sidharth

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Gradually, love began to blossom in the hearts of Sidharth and Vidya, and the duo started dating each other. Since they wanted to take things slow in their relationship, the duo always maintained to keep their dating news under wraps. Both of them had politely refused all such rumours which hinted at their relationship for a long time until a secret picture from their trip together to Goa went viral on the internet. Their proximity in the photograph simply confirmed their relationship.

Sidharth Roy Kapur’s unexpected proposal to Vidya Balan

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It was by 2012 when Vidya and Sidharth realised the seriousness of their relationship, and the latter ended up proposing to his ladylove. And to his sheer happiness, Vidya had immediately agreed to marry him. In a confirmatory interview after their proposal, Vidya recalled how Sidharth had asked her the question. She revealed how it was completely unexpected, as the duo was comfortable in their live-in relationship and that marriage was not thought about so soon.

Vidya’s parents had apprehensions about her marriage with Sidharth

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Well, while the duo was ready to commit to each other in a forever marital bliss, the couple faced some strong apprehensions, especially from Vidya’s parents and family. Since Sidharth had been married twice before taking in Vidya as his third wife, Vidya’s family was unsure about their daughter’s future. Moreover, getting married was a difficult choice for Vidya as well, as she was at the peak of her career at that time. Nevertheless, the couple was determined and ready to take the plunge.

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Sidharth Roy Kapur’s previous marriages

Sidharth married Aarti Bajaj, his dearest childhood friend, for the first time. Unfortunately, the duo filed for divorce due to irreconcilable personal reasons. Ever since their divorce, both Aarti and Sidharth have maintained a cordial relationship as ex-partners. Sidharth married for the second time to television producer, Kavita, whom he had met at a common workplace. This time as well, the two also parted away a few years after marriage.

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Vidya Balan’s previous relationships: Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham and Shahid Kapoor


Much like Sidharth, Vidya had her share of relationships in the past. Vidya was first speculated to be in a relationship with her Parineeta ­co-star, Saif Ali Khan, in 2005. Then there were link-up rumours between Vidya and John Abraham for the second time. It was reported that the duo had fallen in love while shooting for their film, Salaam-E-Ishq, in 2007. Finally, during the shooting of her film, Kismat Konnection, Vidya was rumoured to be head over heels in love with her co-star, Shahid Kapoor. Sadly, it was only a bit of gossip, and no truth existed.

Vidya and Sidharth’s grand temple wedding



Finally, after many pauses and halts, Vidya tied the knot with Sidharth Roy Kapur on December 11, 2012. The couple from different cultural backgrounds celebrated their pre-wedding festivities with much pomp and show at the Kapur residence before tying the knot in a temple in Mumbai. For her wedding, Vidya looked graceful in a red-hued Banarasi ­silk saree from the shelves of Sabyasachi Mukherjee. She teamed it with traditional temple jewellery and tied her hair in a bun adorned with a floral gajra. On the other hand, Sidharth complemented his bride in a yellow-hued kurta featuring Lakhanvi-kadai work. 

Married life and frequent pregnancy rumours

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Fast forward to today, the couple leads a very happy life together. The duo stands up as each other’s best cheerleaders in their achievements. In all these years, one interesting tenet about the couple’s personal life is that the duo often hit the headlines for their rumoured pregnancy news. Vidya has been questioned for her curvy physique, raising eyebrows about whether the actress is expecting a child soon. But, everytime, Vidya has politely refused such statements, claiming that the couple will decide suitably when to start a family. Speaking about the same in an interview with The Times Of India, Vidya once mentioned:

“I’m fed up of these rumours. These days people look at my stomach when they talk to me. Why are actors and actresses treated differently in this industry? Recently, a young actress did something to look different and she was castigated. Haven’t male actors got cosmetic jobs done? Inshallah, I will have a baby—but not so soon. I’m not mentally ready for motherhood yet. It’s a daunting task to be responsible for another human being.”

Isn’t Vidya and Sidharth’s love story one of a kind? Let us know!

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