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Flare Collaborates With Community Transparency Initiative FlareDashboard


A strategic alliance between Flare, the data blockchain, and FlareDashboard, a community-managed database, and dashboard providing information on infrastructure providers for Flare and Songbird, has been announced.

The partnership intends to increase openness across the whole Flare ecosystem by producing insightful data on the independent network infrastructure contributors supporting the network’s decentralized operations.

The first emphasis will be on Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) data providers, who are essential in supplying the network with decentralized price feed data. In order to enable network users to make informed choices, the partnership’s scope will ultimately be expanded to include all infrastructure users, including validators and State Connector attestation providers.

The platform opens the way for a more transparent system by combining crucial data including team information, KYC compliance, operational history, data security, technological configuration, and network addresses. Through the website, all users of the network have access to this crucial data, giving infrastructure providers a chance to deliver extra information to the community.

“We have been actively supporting the Flare and Songbird ecosystem since their inception, and we take great pride in building FlareDashboard, an independent community platform that connects infrastructure teams with ecosystem participants,” said Ash W, CEO and Co-Founder of FlareDashboard. “FlareDashboard’s objective is to facilitate the exchange and validation of valuable information provided by the network’s infrastructure providers. This information can be utilized by ecosystem participants when delegating to support infrastructure teams that bring added value to the ecosystem.”

“Flare is proud to be able to support a community initiative like FlareDashboard.”, said Hugo Philion, CEO & Co-Founder of Flare Network. “By providing a transparent view on ecosystem contributors, they can help our community make more data-driven decisions on how they participate..”


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